Safaricom Missed Call Alert, How to activate & Deactivate

safaricom missed call alert
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Missed call alert as the name suggests is the notification sent to a particular line updating them about the calls they missed when the line was unreachable or off. Safaricom missed call alert or “I tried calling you” alert is available for both postpaid and prepaid customers. Here is how you can activate and deactivate Safaricom missed call alert.

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How the Safaricom Missed Call Alert Works

Missed call alert service is under Safaricom’s voicemail feature. Callers will have to decide to leave a voicemail and, you will get the missed call alert immediately. Also, the caller will receive a notification when the number is available.

How to Activate Safaricom Missed Call Alert Service

This is how you can activate missed call alert.

  • Launch phone app on your device.
  • Dial **62*safaricom number# forexample **62*0722199199# then press OK.
  • You will get a notification verifying Missed call activation “Succeeded”.
Safaricom Missed Call Alert

How to Deactivate Missed Call Alert Service

This is how you can deactivate missed call alerts.

  • Open the phone app on your device.
  • Simply dial ##62# then OK.
  • You will have deactivated the missed call alert.