Missed Call Alert Airtel Kenya; How to Activate & Deactivate

Missed Call alert on Airtel Kenya
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The missed call alert is a value-added service that allows mobile operators to update their customers on who tried to call them when their line was unreachable or off. As soon as the Airtel network stabilizes on your phone, the message will pop up updating you on who tried to reach your Airtel number. If the message does not pop up, then maybe no one has tried to reach you or the service is not activated on your Airtel line. For real, you need the Missed Call Alert activated for the worst-case scenario so that you do not miss out on an important call. This article guides you on how to activate missed call alerts on Airtel Kenya.

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How to Activate Missed Call Alert

This is how you can activate the Missed call alert or the “You attempted to Call me” alert on Airtel Kenya.

  • Open the messaging app on your phone.
  • Tap Compose a new text.
  • Type “SUB MCA” in the compose text section.
  • Enter recipient’s number as “555”.
  • Wait for a confirmation message from 555.
  • And just like that you will have activated the Missed call alert.

Note: This service is free and available to all Airtel Kenya customers. So do not hesitate to activate the Missed Call alert on your line.

Missed Call alert on Airtel Kenya

How to deactivate missed call alert (MCA) “You attempted to call me” on Airtel Kenya network

This is how you can deactivate the missed call alert on your Airtel Kenya line;

  • Open the Messaging app on your phone.
  • Type “STOP” in the compose a new text area.
  • Then send the message to 555.
  • A confirmation message about deactivating the missed call alert will be sent to your phone immediately.