Android 12 Navigation | How To Use And Hide features

Android 12 Navigation -
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In 2019, a multimillion-dollar company, Google unraveled Android 10 which abolished navigation buttons. Although these were abolished, there remained an option to revert back so that users had enough time to adapt to the new full-screen navigation gestures. Fast-forward, to 2020, we saw the introduction of Android 12 with Material You UI, whilst maintaining the navigation styles.

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A special feature most phone manufacturers have brought is the ability to hide the navigation bar. However, this option is unavailable for Pixel phones and Android users are frustrated. In this article, we are sharing a step-by-step tutorial on how to remove the Android 12 navigation bar.

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How To Hide the Android Navigation Bar in Android 12

  • Open the settings app on your Android phone. In the settings page, choose Home on Xiaomi phones or display on others.
  • On the new screen, choose system navigation. On the new screen, you will have the option to hide that full-screen indicator.
  • Turn on the switch to hide the navigation bar from the bottom of the screen.
How to hide android 12 navigation gesture bar -
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How To Hide 3 Button Navigation in Android 12

  • Open the settings app on your Android phone. In the settings app, click Home on Xiaomi phones or display on other devices.
  • In the new screen, find system navigation.
  • Now you can switch to gesture navigations.
  • Click the gesture navigation option to turn it on.
  • With the gesture navigation style turned on, you will enjoy using your entire screen.
How To Hide 3 Button Navigation in Android 12 -
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Step-By-Step: How To Use Gesture Navigation

  • To go to a previous page or backward, swipe left from the right edge or right from the left edge.
  • To go back to the home screen, swipe up fast from the bottom screen edge.
  • To see previously opened apps, swipe up and hold on from the bottom of the screen edge.
  • To switch between open apps, swipe left or right at the bottom edge of the screen.
  • To open Google Assistant, swipe up from the bottom right corner of your screen.
Android 12 navigation


Lately, there hasn’t been any complaint about the Android 12 gesture navigation bar on Android 12. While some people are still finding a hard time adapting to the new navigation style, it is definitely a cleaner look for most devices.

However, unfortunately, Google Pixel phones do not offer the option to hide this navigation bar unlike Samsung, OnePlus, Xiaomi, and many other OEMs who have actually stood out. That has been our tutorial on how to hide system navigation icons on Android 12 devices. Did we help you solve your problem? Kindly leave your thoughts in the comments section.