Android 13 Update and Features review: Here is Why you Should Upgrade

Android 13 Update review - - 1
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In today’s blog, we do an Android 13 review and reasons Why you Should Upgrade. The new upgrade comes with improved performance because they worked on work allocation and reduced the latency concerns. And of course, the new look and design.

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Comparing Android 13 to 12

Android 12, also nicknamed snow cone was the 12th version of the Android operating system.

Back then, it was comparable to Android 11, but the privacy settings were different. Additionally, it was more customizable and focused more on performance.

Nevertheless, the new Android 13 (Tiramisu) presents important alterations that the 12th version lacked. This latest Android version centers mainly on a new user interface that is very adaptable to the needs of the end user.

Although, it is also fair to say that the current builds of Android 13 do not fully represent the release build.

User Interface changes

In the beta testing phase, developers found out that Android’s new version differs considerably from the prior one.

Quick settings and notification bar

Well, Google seems to have spent a significant amount of time working on the design of the new Android version, with some significant improvements in the aesthetics and UI.

In our Android 13 review of the major changes, we noticed a major rebuild of the notifications system. As an example, you can set it to automatically group notifications by application or split them as per usual.

Furthermore, rather than swiping on the notification, as in Android 12, you will see an easy-to-use snooze feature that allows you to mute any application for a set amount of time.

To make things easier for users, Google has made some changes to its quick settings. While toggling options in the quick settings from the top of the screen, we used to see small circular buttons.

The replacements are sleek, rectangular controls that are significantly larger. The changes in size will prevent you from enabling the wrong feature.

The new Lock screen and PIN keypad

As a result of some improvements to the widget design, you may now select from various clock styles on the lock screen. In addition, some polishing has been done to the lock screen itself.

This may come as a surprise to notice that the middle of the screen has a clean clock layout with hardly any notification mess. Also, you’ll also see that the keypad has changed if you decide to unlock your phone using the PIN code.

Material You

Material You, Google’s new unified design language, was initially launched with Android 12. Think of it as a design change where colors are taken directly from the chosen wallpaper and applied to your phone’s icons and overall theme.

Google introduced three new color categories for Material You in Android 13 Beta 1. The new Android version presents these themes as 16 additional color extraction alternatives in your wallpaper picker.

You can go the extra mile and switch on the “themed icons” function, which modifies your mobile app icons to fit your phone’s color scheme.

Android 13’s one-hand mode

You might be using one hand to operate your phone. That is if the phone you have is bigger in comparison to the size of your hands.

Android 13 users can activate the improved version of the One-hand mode from the settings. Google is ready to roll out this functionality for larger-screened phones after it first appears in the second preview.

Android 13 Update and Features review -

What is new on Android 13? Feature Review

Editors and screenshots

When considering Android 13 vs Android 12, it’s worth knowing what’s changed in existing apps.

The built-in media players like the Gallery, or Music applications and media capture features, were already flawless. Consequently, Android 13 introduces even better, polished, apps that go above and beyond excellent.

With the new Android version, you may snap lengthier screenshots using the scroll capture feature. Additionally, you may also edit them, add markup features, and type text in various fonts and colors.

In the past, you would’ve needed a separate third-party app to edit your pictures to your liking. Nonetheless, Google has perfected its ways to eliminate the need for a separate application.

Emojis can also be added to your screenshots by clicking the emoji symbol. Also, you may pinch the screenshot to resize it.

Moreover, this feature is not only for screenshots but also pictures. Before sharing an image with others, Android 13 allows you to edit it.

Furthermore, when choosing an image to send, you will see an “Edit” option that allows you to modify and edit the image before sending it over WhatsApp or email.


That has been our Android 13 review, breaking down all the new features and tweaks you should check out. Feel free to share with us your experience in the comments below.