Here are New and Hidden Android 10 to 12 features you should try out

Android 10 to 12 features -
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Yes, you have your smartphone, but I bet you there are some new or hidden Android 10 to 12 features you are yet to discover (unless otherwise). Android 12 was officially released on October 4th, 2021, and recently started rolling out to most premium and high-end android devices that were running Android 11. However, a lot of people were left behind right after Google unraveled Android 10. This was because Google has always allowed people to choose their preferred looks.

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Android has come a long way right from android 1.0 in 2008. These were designed to resemble the button phone navigation style such that people would easily adapt. Things have changed, and here we are with some new features with the latest Android software updates between 10 to 12.

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List of new and hidden Android 10 to 12 features you should adapt to

1. Gesture Navigation

Did you know that android 10 introduced the use of gestures for full phone operation? To turn on navigation gestures is quite simple. Go to settings>system navigation then choose navigation gestures instead of button navigation. This will allow you to use your full screen without any room for mistaken navigation. Navigation gestures work by swiping left or right from the edges of your screen to go to previous pages. To go home, one should swipe from the bottom edge upwards. To see recent apps, you can swipe up and pause at the lower third of your screen. You can switch between recent apps by swiping across the bottom of your screen. It isn’t complicated as it sounds because when you get used to it, it’s faster than buttons.

Android 10 to 12 features - - 6
Android 10 Navigation Gesture

2. Use Bluetooth while airplane mode is on

Sometimes you don’t want to receive calls, but you want to listen to music so you are forced to keep your network on. Android 12 solved this by allowing you to turn both Bluetooth and airplane mode at the same time.

Screenshot of Bluetooth and airplane mode on at the same time

3. Stronger privacy and security

From Android 10, you have full power to control both which app and how long they access certain permission. For instance, you can allow google maps to access your location only when you’re using it. According to Google, the security in android 10 is very much more reliable against malicious ware as compared to the past. The android version also allows you to use your fingerprint to sign in to your favorite apps.

Android 12 allows you to decide how long an app gets which access

4. Connect to WiFi through QR code

Yes, you don’t need passwords anymore if your source of the internet runs android 10 or higher. Just go to wifi settings and scan their QR code.

Android 10 to 12 features - - 5
You can now share or connect Wi-Fi using QR code from android 12 upwards

5. Material You

This might sound new because Android 12 is still new. However, this is the ability of your android system to change colors according to your current wallpaper. It is available by default on Android 12. Not all apps are currently supported, but most Google apps will take on a color from your wallpaper.

Android 12 takes the colors of your wallpaper

6. Rounded bigger icons and widgets

The idea was birthed in android 10 but is more vivid in android 12. This makes android 12 a suitable option for people with eye problems thanks to the color contrasts and size.

Android 10 to 12 features - - 4
Android 12 has adopted a new look with bigger visible icons

7. Better vibration

With android 12, you will be able to feel the vibration of an action you see in a game just like consoles.

Android 10 to 12 features - - 2

8. Copy media between apps

Android 12 has brought a cool feature that can allow you to copy and paste other visual content like photos directly between respective apps.

9. Smart reply

Android 10 introduced the ability of your phone to suggest human-like replies to your messages. This means that your phone understands the messages you receive and helps you choose how to respond.

10. Notification management

In android 10, you have full control of which app sends you notifications. You can disable some apps from sending notifications completely, for instance, that app that sends ads as notifications. Proper use of this feature can also improve battery life.

Android 10 to 12 features - - 1

11. Dark Mode

Android 10 came with a whole new wave of features. The most prominent one was the ability to change background colors from light to dark without affecting images. This trend started from Google apps (as usual) and later spread to social media and browsers. To enable dark mode, there’s a shortcut in the system UI. If there isn’t one, head over to settings>display>dark mode then choose to enable.

Android 10 to 12 features -
Dark mode on Google Search

Did we miss out on any hidden Android 10 to 12 features you know? Please leave your comments below!

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