8 Reasons Why I Switched From iOS To Android

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The war between Apple and Google has existed for decades and it doesn’t look like it’s going away any time soon. In this article, I am going to discuss the pros of Android over the cons of iOS, and the reasons I changed from iOS to Android.

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NOTE: These are my personal opinions, and don’t in any way reflect what UgTechMag as a whole stands for.


Here are my 8 reasons why I changed from iOS to Android

1. Customization

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Android customization options are infinite

One of the main reasons for my switch from iOS To Android was customization. This feature makes Android rank way higher than iOS. Customization is when the phone’s system allows a user to make it look and feel the way they actually desire rather than looking like a clone.

While iPhones are popular for being fluid and straightforward, Android phones are famous for accommodating different tweaks by the user.

For example, in Android 12, your entire phone’s system will take up a color from your wallpaper. It’s unclear if iOS even cares about its user’s opinions.

2. Affordability

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Google Pixel 6 Pro Costs 700 USD while iPhone 13 Pro goes for 1,020 USD. That’s literally double the same price for nearly the same quality.

Because of the fact that Google’s Android system is open source, it allows several companies to use it on their devices. This in turn allows the product to sell at different prices around the world. Unlike android, Apple has only one manufacturer and therefore you are either paying the standard price or not buying an iPhone at all.

Apart from the purchase cost, Android is cheap to maintain since all the features are easily accessible and are mass-produced. Android is actually compatible with more devices while Apple is segregative.

3. More Variety in Android

Just as we previously mentioned, Android is open source and therefore gets manufactured by hundreds of companies. You get to choose which style of hardware to buy. Some of the top-end Android phone brands are listed below.

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Samsung brand alone offers several types of android phones
  • Samsung
  • Google Pixel
  • Xiaomi Redmi
  • OnePlus

The Cheaper android phone manufacturers include

  • Tecno Mobile
  • Itel
  • Infinix
  • Huawei

4. Availability of a Memory Card Slot

Whether you want to actually expand system memory, or you just want more space, Android got you in their mind. The best part about this feature is that you get to choose which memory to primarily use for a given purpose. This is one of the other reasons I switched from iOS to Android.

There are instances where you have a heavy file that could otherwise fill your phone memory if you don’t have alternative storage. With iOS, you only have the system memory and nothing more.

5. USB Type C Cable

USB Type C Cable - ugtechmag.com
USB Type C Charger

We have left the days when iPhone lighting cable was considered fancy or premium. Android has switched to USB type C cable which is compatible with several equipments including Macs as well.

The reason this technology is not just a cool development is because almost all file transferring machines are getting designed toward this direction.

6. Headphone Jack

While Apple seems to be oriented toward setting the standard, Android is focused on satisfying their average users’ needs. For this reason, most Android phones have still preserved that little headphones slot so that you don’t have to carry extra equipment to use it.

That’s how much Android cares, they know how inconvenient it can be to try to insert earphones only to realize there’s no hole.

7. Variety of Customizable Widgets

Yes we know that Apple recently introduced widgets to their iOS 14 and we agree. But that’s just it! Apple widgets are still not as dynamic as Android widgets.

Android widgets are resizable and they come in different forms, unlike Apple which decides for you how best your phone should look.

8. More Free Apps

It’s overlooked, the fact that the Google Play Store has millions of apps. You will take that for granted until you realize that Apple App Store actually has millions of paid apps instead.

Some free apps actually perform better than paid apps as long as you turn off data services to avoid ads.

This is a huge advantage since you’re not violating any copyright or community guidelines as you use free apps. For example, iOS demands that you pay before you listen to music online while YouTube music doesn’t.


These are the main reasons I switched from iOS to Android, and notably the most recognized advantages of Android over iOS. There are several more, but my focus has been on those that make the most significant difference.

Thank you for reading; please go ahead and tell us what you think about Android in comparison to iOS.

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