List of WhatsApp Mods to Check out in 2024

List of WhatsApp Mods to Check out in
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WhatsApp is an instant messaging app incorporated and launched in 2009 by former Yahoo! employees Brian Acton and Jan Koum. It was later acquired by Facebook in 2014 which further boosted its takeoff and as of today, it is the biggest messaging app that boasts 2 billion active users worldwide. It comes as WhatsApp and WhatsApp business with the former tailored for personal communication between friends and family while the latter is for connecting businesses and customers.

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The most significant appeal of the App is end-to-end message encryption while other reasons include having a simple user interface, being ad-free, reliable, and speed. WhatsApp also runs on both iOS and Android and allows file sharing. Outside simple texts, users can share images, videos, documents, GIFs, user location, phone contacts, audio, make audio and video calls, and also send one other voice notes – making it the ideal one-stop app for virtual interactions. But even with these functionalities, there are still some extra features users would like and this has led to the rise of modded versions of the app.

However, before you jump on any mod, beware of the risks they pose such as lack of encryption to send and receive messages, risk of injection of malware and spyware due to less secure hosted servers, and risk of ban from WhatsApp. Therefore, for anyone willing to bear the risk to enjoy the extra functionalities, below are some of the popular versions you could look out for;


WhatsApp Plus

WhatsApp Plus is the most popular mod version of WhatsApp. It runs on the same license and protocol as the original with its biggest catch being the ‘no ban feature’. It has a few UI changes and boosts extra functionalities to enjoy such as an inbuilt app lock, the ability to enable/disable blue ticks, recall and reschedule message sending files up to 30MBs size, and the ability to send over 10HD images at once.

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WhatsApp Go

WhatsApp Go version is mainly tailored around privacy control and as such allows viewing deleted messages, hiding one’s online status, control over double ticks and a Do Not Disturb option to block all activity. All this grants a user control over the sending and receiving of messages.

It also offers additional functions for file sharing such as an increased number of images that can be sent at once, increased video size, and other aspects of file sending.


GBWhatsApp was developed by Has. 007, a senior XDA member, and this mod is based on WhatsApp Plus, a mod that has been closed by WhatsApp.Better still, if you wish to create two WhatsApp accounts on one device, this is the mod that you should go for. Unlike other mods, it offers regular updates, multi-language support, and a wide array of customization options. Other features include; sending very large video files and over 90 images at once, password lock for chats, file previews, and the ability to hide both double and blue ticks and one online status.

If you are not contented with the specifications offered by the above mods, other options you can look at include; YOWhatsApp, FMWhatsApp, WhatsApp Aero, OGWhatsApp, WhatsApp Prime, WhatsApp MA, WhatsApp Indigo, and others.