TM WhatsApp 8.75 APK Download (Official) Latest version

TM WhatsApp
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TM WhatsApp is a renowned WhatsApp Mod that stands as a compelling alternative to the standard green WhatsApp application. It offers an array of extraordinary features that set it apart, granting users the ability to hide their WhatsApp status, blue ticks, and more, going beyond the capabilities of the original WhatsApp.

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If you’ve heard about this remarkable WhatsApp Mod and its impressive features, you’re in the right place. This article provides you with a direct download link to access the app. Simply download the latest version of TM WhatsApp from this site, and embark on enjoyable conversations with your family and friends.

Additionally, explore the advanced features of the WhatsApp GB app. If you’re looking for more features in your messaging app, you might want to consider trying this one too. YoWhatsApp offers extra privacy options and customization features that are not available in the standard version. It’s a good choice for those who want to personalize their chatting experience.

Rest assured that this page consistently maintains the latest TM WhatsApp versions and updates, ensuring compatibility with your Android smartphone. Download the WhatsApp Mod from this page with confidence.


What’s TM WhatsApp

TM WhatsApp is an enhanced version of the popular messaging app, WhatsApp, offering a range of exciting features that go beyond what the standard WhatsApp offers. Created by the talented developer Titus Mukisa, the app’s name, “TM,” is derived from the initials of its creator.

Here, you’ll find the opportunity to download the most up-to-date version of TM WhatsApp and experience the incredible enhancements this app has to offer. Discover how this amazing application can elevate your messaging experience to a whole new level.

TM WhatsApp Mod Information

App NameTM WhatsApp
Requires Android4.0+
Last updated1 day ago

TM WhatsApp Download Latest version Official v8.75

What is the latest version of TM WhatsApp?

The latest version of TM WhatsApp is v8.75

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If you have received such a message, please click on “LATER” and then rush and download the new TM WhatsApp update (version 8.75):

Features Overview of TM WhatsApp

TM WhatsApp Review
  • Deletes/recall messages sent by mistake even after hours or days. This is one of my favorite TM WhatsApp features that will help you recall your WhatsApp messages from groups and private chats.
  • Freeze/pause/fake your (Last Seen). If you don’t want your friends or anyone to know you’re online, you can easily fake last seen status with this feature.
  • Extended expiry date. TM WhatsApp, unlike other mods, has got an extended expiry date credits to the app developer.
  • SLEEP mode (Disable INTERNET on WhatsApp). Sleep mode prevents you from receiving WhatsApp messages even when your data is on. This feature can be useful if you what to do some other things from the Internet without WhatsApp distraction notifications.
  • Anti-Revoke (Prevents messages from being deleted from your side). If you want people to stop recalling messages from your side, you can use this feature.
  • Hide custom chats (using pattern). You can hide those important chats to you from interference by others.
  • Counter statistics for groups. This feature shows how many messages each group participant has sent in a group.
  • Online and Last Seen pop-ups on the main screen. You can always see when your friends are online or last seen from the chat screen with this feature.
  • Theme Server (to download/apply themes) change ticks & bubble styles. You can download a number of customized themes for your TM WhatsApp app.
  • Send audios with a size of 100MBs instead of the 16MBs on normal WhatsApp. This is true WhatsApp normal allows you to send audios up to 16MBs which may not be the case with TM WhatsApp.
  • Send videos with a size of 50MBs instead of the 16MBs on normal WhatsApp. Similarly, you can send videos over 50MBs with this WhatsApp Mod.
  • Send 100 documents at once instead of 30 on normal WhatsApp. If you want to send bulky documents on WhatsApp ( 100 + ) then you should give TM WhatsApp a shoot.
  • Send 100 images at once instead of 10 images on normal WhatsApp. You can now easily send bulky images 100+ with this WhatsApp Mod unlike the 10 images on normal WhatsApp
  • Increase video status to 7 minutes instead of 30 seconds on normal WhatsApp.  However, it should be noted that this 7-minute status will only be viewed by only those with TM WhatsApp
  • Schedule messages to be sent later (No more need to wake up to wish a friend a happy birthday). You don’t have to give excuses to your loved ones for failing to send them wishes on their special moments yet you could have simply scheduled that message a month earlier with TM WhatsApp.
  • Change your status and add up to 250 characters instead of 139 characters on normal WhatsApp. You can easily change text characters on your WhatsApp status with this feature.
  • Send text broadcasts to groups. Send a huge number of text broadcasts to WhatsApp groups using this feature.
  • Distinguish between normal messages and broadcast messages.
  • Filter messages when you clear chat.
  • Copy a friend’s status. You can simply copy your friends WhatsApp status videos and images straight to your phone with first seeking permission.
  • Change the app’s icon and notifications icon. Change the WhatsApp icon to your favorite color or image with this feature.
  • Able to run alongside any other installed WhatsApp so you don’t need to uninstall your other WhatsApps.
  • And many other features …..try it out to discover them by yourself.

Download TM WhatsApp

Download the latest TM WhatsApp on your phone using the link below and enjoy this amazing app.

TM WhatsApp Vs Normal WhatsApp

Unlike the normal WhatsApp, there is a lot you can do on TM WhatsApp Mod that cannot be done on WhatsApp Green. In this section, I will highlight some crucial TM WhatsApp features that weigh up with the normal version of WhatsApp.

Change WhatsApp Theme .

TM WhatsApp Review

Unlike Normal WhatsApp, you can easily change the TM WhatsApp background theme to any color with much ease. If you’re a person who always wanted a dark or coffee brown, perhaps its time you did shine with this WhatsApp Mod. You can read my article How to change WhatsApp Theme color to understand how to do this.

WhatsApp Status View Time

TM WhatsApp allows you to place a 7 minute WhatsApp status which might not be the case with the normal WhatsApp version ( 30 seconds ). However, it should be noted that this 7-minute status will only be viewed by TM WhatsApp Users.

Download Status videos & Photos

Unlike Normal WhatsApp, With TM WhatsApp you can easily download WhatsApp status videos & photos of your friends without first seeking their permission. To download WhatsApp status videos & photos read this how-to download Whatsapp status videos.

Delete Sent WhatsApp messages

With TM WhatsApp, you can recall any sent WhatsApp message in groups or private chats for both sides, unlike the normal WhatsApp.

This Recall Message Feature is not available in any versions of the normal WhatsApp app. You can download TM WhatsApp to enjoy this amazing feature.

App Icon

You can also change your WhatsApp icon to something like blue, black, or red depending on any color of your choice which is not the case with normal WhatsApp.

Schedule WhatsApp messages

If you’re a person who doesn’t always remember appointments or deadlines, you can schedule messages to wish your beloved one happy birthdays or any other important notifications you have wanted to send but could easily forget.

Run two WhatsApp at once .

Unlike normal WhatsApp where you can’t run two applications at once, with TM WhatsApp you can run both apps alongside each other. This will help you to always switch back and forth to your cool features.

There is absolutely a lot you can do with TM WhatsApp but not the normal Green WhatsApp. If you want a complete full list of TM WhatsApp features read below.

TM WhatsApp Vs other WhatsApp Mods

When you compare TM WhatsApp and other WhatsApp Mods such as GB WhatsApp and others you can hardly spot the difference in terms of usage.

However today we shall try to weigh TM WhatsApp features vs popular mods like GB WhatsApp.


Apps with ads consume a lot of bandwidth or data. Unlike some other mods, TM WhatsApp is totally ad-free which saves over 45% of your mobile data bundles (MBS) when running the app.

Smooth and Fast:

TM WhatsApp is slightly very fast than other WhatsApp Mods. All of the codes were re-modified which makes it smooth and faster than ever.

Extended Expiry Date:

TM WhatsApp now takes the longest time to expire as compared to other mods that require updates every few weeks.

Besides that, the application also gets frequent updates from the developer and you can always download the latest TM WhatsApp application from here.

100% Secure:

Unlike other WhatsApp Mods where security and privacy is a major threat. In TM Whatsapp, all hidden codes have been reviewed and removed so users don’t have to worry about their privacy anymore while using the app.

Premium Apps:

TM WhatsApp has got direct download links to over 300 fully paid premium android apps ready for download at no cost at all.

TMWhatsApp Group:

A link to join a TM WhatsApp forum is also available within the app. Interact directly with the developer and other TM WhatsApp users worldwide. Share views and get help on TM WhatsApp.

Manual Update:

Automatic updates are permanently disabled giving the user full control over updates. Users only update the app at their wish and when they have enough data bundle to do so.

100% Free:

Other mods claim to be free but they have got embedded links that redirect you to sites that require you to make a cash donation to the developer. With TM WhatsApp there is nothing like that, it’s absolutely free.


As many other mods may have difficulty running on the latest Android versions, TM WhatsApp is compatible with all and runs smoothly with minimal crashes.