How to View Your Bolt Wrap-up (Nigeria)

How to View Your Bolt Wrap-up
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Bolt, Nigeria’s leading ride-hailing platform, has become an integral part of the daily commute for many in the country. As the year draws to a close, Bolt introduces a unique feature called ‘Bolt Wrap-up,’ an annual summary that provides users with a detailed overview of their activities on the platform throughout the past year. This insightful feature recaps your ride history, expenses, and more, offering a personalized reflection on your journey with Bolt.

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What is Bolt Wrap-up?

The Wrap-up feature is an annual offering from Bolt, providing users with an insightful recap of their engagement on the platform over the preceding year. With information ranging from the number of rides taken to specific ride details and even identifying a favorite driver, Bolt Wrap-up is designed to offer a comprehensive summary of your experiences.

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Accessing Your Bolt Wrap-up

If you’re eager to explore your personalized Bolt Wrap-up, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open the Bolt App: Access your Bolt app on your smartphone, the gateway to unlocking your personalized journey summary.
  2. Locate Wrap-up Feature: Within the app, navigate to the ride search section, where you’ll find the Bolt Wrap-up feature. In case you don’t immediately spot it, consider updating your Bolt app to ensure you have access to the latest features.
  3. Tap on Wrap-up: Once you’ve found the Wrap-up feature, tap on it to reveal your ride summary. This initiates a process akin to browsing through an Instagram story.
Check your Bolt ride wrap-up
Check your Bolt ride wrap-up
  1. Explore Your Ride Summary: The presented Instagram story-like slide offers a comprehensive ride summary. Delve into details such as the total number of rides, specifics about your rides (longest and shortest), ride summaries in terms of minutes and kilometers, your favorite driver, and additional Bolt statistics and news.
Bolt Wrap-up 2023
Bolt Wrap-up 2023

Sharing Your Experience

Once you’ve immersed yourself in the insights of your Bolt Wrap-up, consider sharing your journey with friends and on social media. Bolt encourages users to share their stats on Instagram and tag @bolt_nigeria, offering an exciting opportunity to win N46000 in ride credit. This not only adds a social element to your Bolt experience but also provides a chance to engage with the community and potentially earn ride credits for future trips.


Bolt Wrap-up is more than just a summary; it’s a testament to the journeys you’ve taken throughout the year. Exploring this feature is not only a delightful trip down memory lane but also a way to appreciate the efficiency and convenience that Bolt has brought to your daily commute. So, open your Bolt app, uncover your Wrap-up, and celebrate the miles you’ve covered with Nigeria’s premier ride-hailing platform.