How to Use Goodreads to Discover Books Everyone Is Currently Reading

How to use Goodreads to discover books everyone is currently reading
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Are you stuck in the loop of reading the same books repeatedly? It’s a common dilemma, but fear not, as there’s a treasure trove of undiscovered books waiting for you on Goodreads! As a social media platform for book lovers, Goodreads offers an immersive experience to discover new books, keep track of your reading journey, and connect with fellow bibliophiles. In this guide, we’ll delve into the methods of using Goodreads to unearth the books everyone is currently reading.

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Ways to Discover Books Everyone is Reading Using Goodreads

1. Joining Community Groups

Join Goodreads communities
Join Goodreads communities

Discovering Through Discourse

Community groups on Goodreads are vibrant hubs where like-minded readers converge to discuss, recommend, and support each other in their literary adventures. Joining these groups exposes you to diverse book recommendations from individuals who share your interests. It not only broadens your reading horizons but also provides the motivation to finish that last captivating chapter.

How to:

  • Explore groups based on genres or favorite authors.
  • Participate in discussions, seek recommendations, and share your insights.
  • Foster connections with readers who resonate with your literary preferences.

2. Making Friends on Goodreads

A Personalized Approach

Forge connections on Goodreads by befriending fellow readers. Explore book reviews, send friend requests to resonant reviewers, and dive into sections where new members introduce themselves. Friends on Goodreads become your literary companions, offering insights into their reading lists, reviews, and future reading plans.

How to:

  • Explore and connect with individuals whose reviews align with your taste.
  • Utilize community group introduction sections for friend discovery.
  • Gain access to friends’ reading lists, ratings, and reviews.

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3. Goodreads Recommendations & Explore

Harnessing Algorithmic Suggestions

Goodreads Recommendations employ a robust algorithm that suggests books tailored to your reading history, reviews, and ratings. Explore the Recommendations section for popular books across genres. Navigate through the ‘Explore’ feature to see what’s trending with fellow Goodreads members, including Most Anticipated Books and New Books Recommended by Readers.

How to:

  • Utilize the Recommendations section based on your reading history.
  • Check out Trending with Goodreads members for personalized suggestions.
  • Explore Most Anticipated Books and New Books Recommended by Readers.

4. Goodreads Choice Awards

Crowdsourced Literary Excellence

The Goodreads Choice Awards, an annual celebration of literary brilliance, is an excellent avenue for discovering books adored by the reading community. Winners, chosen by Goodreads members, span various genres, providing an overview of books that resonate widely.

How to:

  • Explore the Goodreads Choice Awards section for winners in different genres.
  • Discover noteworthy books, including debut novels, memoirs, graphic novels, and more.

5. Goodreads Lists

View book list
View book list

User-Curated Reading Treasures

Goodreads Lists, curated by users, cover a plethora of themes like Best Books Ever, Best Books of the 21st Century, and Must-Reads. Delve into these lists, created by the reading community, to uncover new additions to your reading list. You can also contribute by creating and sharing your own lists.

How to:

  • Explore user-voted curated reads for various themes and genres.
  • Create and share your lists with the Goodreads community.
  • Use Lists to discover timeless classics and contemporary gems.


Goodreads, a dynamic platform for book lovers, offers a multitude of ways to discover your next captivating read. From joining community groups and making literary friends to exploring algorithmic recommendations, Goodreads Choice Awards, and user-curated Lists, the avenues for book discovery are vast. So, let Goodreads be your guide in unlocking the world of captivating reads and connecting you with fellow bibliophiles. Happy reading!