How to Update StarTimes Decoder Software

Update StarTimes Decoder Software
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This article guides you on how to update StarTimes decoder software. When your software is outdated, you will get multiple signal issues and unscheduled auto-scanning of channels. Every time you get a notification that shows that you need a software upgrade, do not hesitate to update.

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Update Software Automatically

Startimes will always send subscribers a notification that their software needs updating. A dialogue box will appear every time the decoder receives a new software version. After the decoder will automatically update. Make sure your signal strength is strong or else you will get a number of inconveniences while watching.

Update StarTimes Decoder Software Manually

1. Press both Channel buttons on your decoder.

2. Remove the decoder power plug while pressing the channel buttons.

3. Plug the cable into power.

4. It should now display a Software upgrade in a few minutes.

5. Select OTA upgrade.

6. Put Frequency: 562, PID: 817/816, Active Download: YES.

7. Start Upgrade.

Update StarTimes Decoder Software

Method 2: Upgrade Manually

1. Unplug the decoder power cable.

2. Press and hold the menu and down volume key on the decoder together at the same time.

3. While holding the menu and down volume key button switch on the decoder.

4. The decoder will start loading. Continue to press the buttons until the second loading. Release the buttons after the second loading appears then wait for the decoder to reboot.

5. When the update is complete, the decoder will go back to default settings. Rescan to get channels.

NOTE: The method should be performed by a technician.

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Visit StarTimes Shop

1. Go to the StarTimes shop near you.

2. Tell the customer care agent that you want to upgrade your decoder software.

3. Hand in the decoder and wait.

You can contact StarTimes on +256 0200 117700 or via Facebook & email

Soliz House, Lumumba Avenue 1st Floor.
P. O. Box 2300 Kampala, Uganda Get Directions