Why Is Spotify Deleting My Downloaded Playlists?

Why Is Spotify Deleting My Downloaded Playlists-ugtechmag.com
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If you are here, I am sure you know that you can download playlists, songs, and podcasts on Spotify for offline listening. The other thing I am sure of is that you are perplexed and frustrated just because you can’t seem to find your downloaded playlists since they mysteriously disappeared. In this article, we will delve into the reasons behind this issue and possible solutions.

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1. Spotify Subscription Expired

Without a Spotify Premium subscription, there won’t be a record of your downloaded playlists and albums. Once your subscription expires or is canceled, Spotify will remove the downloaded albums and playlists. Podcasts will remain available because they can be downloaded in the free version.

2. Exceeded Spotify’s Download Limit

Even with a Premium subscription to Spotify, there is a restriction on the number of songs you can save for offline listening across your devices. According to Spotify’s policy, users are allowed to download a maximum of 10,000 tracks on each device. However, downloading tracks on more than five distinct devices is not permitted.

Should the download limit on more than five devices be exceeded, Spotify will automatically remove the downloaded content from the device with the least playtime.

3. Inactive for 30 days

As per Spotify’s guidelines, failing to log in within 30 days may result in the deletion of your downloaded content. Even if you maintain an active paid subscription, regular logins are necessary to retain access to your downloaded material.

4. Licensing and Rights Issues

Spotify’s vast music library is made possible through licensing agreements with record labels, artists, and other rights holders. These agreements can be complex, and they often include terms related to the availability of songs for offline listening. Sometimes, changes in these agreements or lapses in licenses can affect the status of certain songs or albums within Spotify’s library. As a result, songs you once downloaded may become unavailable for offline listening, causing your downloaded playlists to shrink.

5. Owner Deleted Playlist

Apart from Spotify, there could be another individual with authority over the playlists you’ve downloaded. If someone else generates and subsequently erases these playlists, Spotify will eliminate them from your downloaded content.

To prevent the risk of losing your downloaded songs, it is advisable to duplicate the playlist within Spotify and download the duplicated version.