A Quick Guide to Google Chat and Spaces Features

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Google recently unraveled Google Chat and Spaces and integrated these features into Gmail. According to the tech giant, these features are set to improve the efficiency of how Google Workspace users work. The improvement comes especially to those who are hybrid or remotely working and those working in larger organizations.

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In this article, we explain everything you need to know about Google Chat and Spaces.

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What is Google Chat and Spaces?

First, Google Chat is a new feature in Gmail that enables users to chat casually and share their online status via Gmail. This can be shared to show that they are busy without necessarily sending emails. Google Chat and Spaces work with texts and calls. Someone else could simply say that Google Chat is the improved Google hangouts.

Google Chat and Spaces Features - ugtechmag.com

Below are the noticeable features that you will love from Google Chat and Spaces.

1. In Line Threading

The first new feature we’re going to take a look at is In Line Threading.

In Google Spaces or Chat, users finally have the option to respond to a specific comment in a thread. When you do this, a chat window will pop out of the thread, creating a separate conversation. This amazing feature will help keep your conversations organized. It is quite often, that we find it difficult to know which message people are responding to in Gmail. However, inline threading solves this quite excellently. This is very useful in “crowdy” situations where chats move very quickly.

This Google Chat thread links & quote reply extension can be downloaded and it makes your life very easy.


2. Links To Join a Conversation

Another awesome feature is the ability to join conversations using links. This was previously impossible with email. To join a conversation via email, one of the senders has to mention you or you should be part of the organization’s email list. This feature will save you the mundane task of adding each user to a conversation individually, which can be extremely time-consuming.

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3. Bigger Call Capacity

Previously, the number of people who can join a space was limited. However, Google raised this to 8,000 users and by the end of 2022, this is set to be increased to 25,000 users in a Google Space. This feature is absolutely useful for big companies that still want to stick to their budget instead of spending on Zoom.


4. Improved Search Features Within Gmail

With Google spaces, there is something Google has referred to as ‘Chips’. Google is currently rolling out this feature which will allow you to find information in huge chats and some specific details.

Are you ready to embrace Google Chat and Spaces? Do you think these features are exciting? Kindly leave us your comment.