How To Run Adverts In Uganda

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Many businesses in Uganda have started up and failed because of a lack of marketing skills. While physical marketing might be tedious, adverts are quite costly but worth it. In this article, we’re going to guide you on how to start and complete the advertising process on different platforms, and adverts in Uganda that work.

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The Process: How to plan for your Adverts in Uganda

Before going on the ground, it’s necessary to write down your planned budget. On the other hand, any budget should start with a plan.

Ask yourself what your target audience is, their region, and their age. Online adverts like Google ads will allow you to choose exactly how many people you intend to reach.

After you have made your budget and decided on your target audience, it’s time to choose what platform to use. At this point, you need to confirm what advertising method you’re going to use and what medium you’re going to employ.

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Example of a budget

Examples Of Effective Advertising Mediums in Uganda

  • Television – TV adverts usually require designing an animated video that is going to convince your potential customer to look out for your brand. They are usually expensive but they hit a wide audience.
  • Radio – This advert will require creating audio or podcasts with all the relevant sweepers. These should be able to capture the attention of the listener.
  • Facebook/Twitter Advert – These are the most popular advert options for social media. All you need to do is design a beautiful poster with the right message for the relevant audience.
  • Google Advert – This type of ad typically involves setting up keywords that you intend to tell Google to associate with your brand. It’s the easiest type of advert to set up.
  • Billboard advert – This type of advert involves registration of one’s business with the relevant authorities before it’s advertised in a public place.
  • Website Adverts – website ads simply involve a website owner and an advertiser. The website owner will place your advert on their website and get paid for that.
  • YouTube Ads – These are similar to Google ads, except, they are in video format and are designed to appear before YouTube videos.
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What adverts work for different Target Audiences in Uganda

Now that you have known the most famous advertising platforms, you probably need to know how to choose the right platform

  1. Young people (13-25) – It’s better to choose social media apps to run your ads. These include Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok.
  2. Citizens (countrywide) – In this case, you would rather use TV or radio to send your message.
  3. Elderly (60 upwards) – This age group tends to prefer listening to the radio to any other media platform. Choosing a language-appropriate radio station will nail it better though.
  4. Worldwide – If you intend to make an international advert, you should use Google Ads or YouTube ads. This is because this will ensure that your ad gets to every country according to your budget.
  5. Residence – In case you need people within your area to discover your business, you can go ahead and pay for it or make yourself a billboard or banner. After you place it in a public place, chances are some people will be interested. The second option would be making targeted demographic ads using social media and specifying the area or location to which your adverts in Uganda should be shown.


Please keep in mind that while you initiate the advertising process in Uganda, you have to comply with their set standards. For the digital platforms, these standards are set by the platform you intend to use for advertising, but for local Uganda media, here are the standards to follow