How to get High-quality Wallpapers For Android in HD

High-quality wallpapers -
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Wallpapers are more So, you’re looking for the best wallpapers on your Android phone? This is the right place because we’re to help you find HD and 4K images to use on your phone as wallpapers. During the lockdown, I discovered these 3 amazing methods to find high-quality wallpapers. Please read to the bottom to find out my favorite method that I still use.

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Why Get High-Quality Wallpapers?

Wallpapers are a very useful part of our daily usage of smartphones. Based on evolution, our brains are hardwired to find pleasure in the different colors we like. For instance, some people find black to be so beautiful, while others think it is creepy. Here are the 3 methods we recommend for you to download high-quality wallpapers.



Pinterest is lowkey the most popular idea-based social media platform. The gallery on Pinterest is contributed by people ranging from experts to random humans around the world. It turns out, the platform not only offers excellent business ideas, but it also has high-quality images. You can download the app here.

Pinterest wallpapers

How To Find Wallpapers on Pinterest

Search for “[your query] HD Wallpapers]. This will give you results of the type of image you need but the high-quality images will be on top.

Click the image you find interesting. This will open up a full-resolution version of the picture.

Click the 3 dots and choose the download option.

Congrats, you have downloaded your favorite wallpaper.

However, you can scroll further and you will find images similar to the one you downloaded.

Wallpaper Flare

Wallpaper flair is a powerful website with millions of wallpapers for both PC and Android. The best part is that all images on this website are extremely high quality and are user-contributed. The only thing that may limit you is your desire for all the aesthetic pictures.

Wallpapers flare

How To Use Wallpaper Flare For Wallpapers

Head over to chrome or any modern browser.

Visit the wallpaper flair website by clicking this link.

On the homepage, you will be greeted with a number of aesthetic pictures.

You can search for a particular query and you will find a matching wallpaper.

The only issue is the fact that the website does not have popular pictures of celebrities for copyright issues.

Rare Wallpapers

This is the best method to find high-quality exquisite wallpapers for your android phone. The platform is available as an app on Google play store and has a high rating even as a free app.

This app offers very high-quality images which work perfectly for most android phones.

Rare wallpapers

How to use rare wallpapers app

Head over to the Google play store and download the app.

Find the app on your phone and open it.

Once open, you will see the thousands of wallpapers available in different tabs.

The app has categories from which you can choose your preferred wallpaper

Alternatively, you can choose the random tab which will show you images in random order.

Click on your favorite image to view it in semi-full resolution

Some images will show after an ad video has been played.

Click the download option or the set as wallpaper option.

Congrats, you have set your first wallpaper using a rare wallpapers app.


You’re all caught up! Those are the best 3 methods to get high-quality wallpapers on your android phone. Which method did you find interesting? Please let us know in the comments section.