How To Fix Heating In Smartphones

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Smartphones have come a long way in evolution since their first invention in the early 2010s when Blackberry phones were top notch. However, being merely electronics, these bionic friends of ours have always come with physical issues especially overheating. You have probably used your phone for a few minutes, but suddenly experience an abnormal warmth in your handset.

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In this article, we’re going to discuss, what causes heating in smartphones and how to solve it.

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it is common for phones to overheat (Google Image)

What causes over heating in smartphones?

While it is normal for all electronics to experience a rise in temperature during their usage, smartphones are almost unusable in this state.

The main cause of overheating in smartphones is running too many background apps. This is because smartphones work by paying attention to every detail that might offer a smooth experience for the user.

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Smartphones are one of the coolest inventions (Google Image)

Other causes of heating in smartphones include:

  • Usage while charging
  • Too many apps for the phone’s memory
  • Weak or poor battery
  • Exposure to extreme temperatures
  • Usage of custom lock screens and launchers
  • Excessive usage of the phone especially on social media apps
  • Buggy software updates
  • Faulty charger, or battery
  • Blocked ventilation on the phone’s body

How to stop your smartphone from overheating

Heating In Smartphones -

There are several workarounds however to reduce or stop smartphone heating. These include;

Keep applications updated:
This is because apps are regularly improved to work well with the latest phones.

Turn on auto-brightness:
this minor option does wonders because most of the time you need very little light from your phone’s screen.

Uninstall unnecessary apps:
we all have those dormant apps on our phones that rarely attract any attention from us.

Turn on airplane mode:
In Android 12, you can use Bluetooth while airplane mode is on.

Close unused apps immediately so the system can focus on what you’re doing.

Avoid placing your phone under direct sunlight.

In Android 12, there is an option to prevent particular apps from running completely in the background.
Go to settings>battery>app battery saver and you will find all your apps. You get to decide which apps are allowed to run in the background, slightly or not at all. This method works because it severely reduces memory and battery usage provided you know the right apps to stop.

In conclusion, we have to keep in mind that some phones heat up just because they are outdated and can’t handle the currently developed apps. Thanks for reading and share with us your experience and whether any of these tips were helpful!