How to Download a Twitter Space Recording

How to Download a Twitter Space
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Twitter Spaces has emerged as a popular platform for hosting live audio conversations. With its spontaneous and engaging nature, users often find themselves wanting to save these discussions for future reference or sharing. Fortunately, downloading Twitter Space recordings is possible, allowing you to preserve these valuable conversations. In this guide, we will walk you through the steps to download Twitter Space recordings effortlessly.

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Why Download Twitter Space Recordings?

There are several reasons why you might want to download Twitter Space recordings:

  1. Archiving: Saving important discussions for future reference or documentation.
  2. Sharing: Sharing insightful conversations with others who couldn’t attend live.
  3. Analysis: Studying conversations for research or content creation purposes.
  4. Memories: Preserving memorable moments from live events or discussions.

Record Twitter Spaces

Before you’re able to download a Twitter Space recording, it needs to be recorded, and this can only be initiated by the host. Here’s a guide on how to record a Twitter Space:

  • As you create your X space.
  • Make sure the “Record Space” option is selected.
  • Once the Space ends, your space will be recorded.
  • To download that space as a host, go to your Twitter profile and tap on Settings and Privacy.
  • Select your Account.
  • From the options, choose “Download an archive of your data”. Enter your login credentials as prompted to proceed to the next step.
How to Download a Twitter Space
  • Under Twitter Data, tap on “Request Archive” (this process could take 24 hours or less). Once your Archive is available, you will be notified.
  • Your archive will be provided in the form of a Zip file. After extracting the contents of the Zip, navigate to the “Spaces and media” folder within the “data” directory to locate your specific file.

How to Download Twitter Spaces Using Third Party Apps

1. Once you’ve identified the Twitter Space you want to download, access it either through the original tweet or via the profile of the host or participant. Some Twitter Space hosts may choose to make recordings available publicly after the conversation ends. Look for any indications or announcements regarding recording availability.

2. If the recording is available, you can use third-party tools or services designed to download Twitter Space recordings. These tools (Spaces Down and Lychee) typically require you to provide the URL of the Twitter Space or the tweet containing the recording link.

How to Download a Twitter Space

3. Each third-party tool may have its own set of instructions for downloading Twitter Space recordings. Follow the steps provided by the tool to initiate and complete the download process.

4. Once the download is complete, verify that the file contains the desired Twitter Space recording. You can listen to the recording locally on your device or share it with others as needed.