How to Change Safaricom Home Fibre Password

Change Safaricom Home Fibre Password -
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Have you used Safaricom and wanted to change the Safaricom home fibre password? Well, here is your rescue.

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Safaricom is the leading provider of converged communication solutions in Kenya. In addition to providing a broad range of first-class products and services for Telephony, Broadband Internet, and financial services. Safaricom home fibre offers clients fast and reliable internet connectivity for home use.

Once you have your house connected to Safaricom fibre, the network SSID and password will most likely be your apartment’s name, house number, and your name, it is always advisable to change the default wifi password to protect against unauthorized access by third parties and attackers from the hackers from accessing the administrator panel.

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Step-by-Step: Change Safaricom Home Fibre password

  1. Turn on your computer and make sure that you are connected to the Safaricom WIFI network whose password you wish to change
  2. Open your browser and enter the URC. and press enter.
  3. You will now be taken to the login page for your Safaricom modem’s admin page.
  4. On the bottom of your Safaricom router, you will get information including the default credentials you will need to log in.
  5. The default username is ROOT and the password is adminHW.
  6. Once logged in you will be prompted to change the default login password, note that this is not your wifi password but the password you will require to login to the admin panel.
  7. Now proceed to the menu bar at the top and click on WLAN
  8. Locate the SSID name section and modify it to your preferred wifi name.
  9. Scroll to the WPA PresharedKey section to change the wifi password to a more secure one.
  10. Click Apply to save the new wifi username and security key.
  11. Your PC will disconnect from the network and you will have to connect to the new network SSID
Change Safaricom Home Fibre password -
Credit: Official Safaricom Website

That is how you reset or change Safaricom home fibre password.