5 Approaches to Fixing Malfunctions in Your Snipping Tool

5 Approaches to Fixing Malfunctions in Your Snipping Tool
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Hi there, I want to share some easy tips with you for fixing the Snipping Tool when it’s not working quite right. Think of the Snipping Tool as a handy tool for taking pictures of your computer screen, but sometimes, it can be a bit stubborn. Don’t worry; we can figure it out together.

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1. Restart the Windows File Explorer

Imagine the Snipping Tool and the File Explorer as two friends. Sometimes, when one is not happy, the other isn’t either. To make things better, press Ctrl + Alt + Del, then choose Task Manager. Or, you can press CTRL + Shift + ESC to go directly to Task Manager.

Next, scroll down until you see “Windows Explorer.” Right-click on it and select “Restart.” Don’t worry if your desktop looks a bit strange for a moment; it’s just everything saying hello again. Once things are back to normal, try the Snipping Tool – it should work better.

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2. Check for Software That Might Be Causing Problems

Think of it this way: Sometimes, the Snipping Tool doesn’t get along with new software, like people at a party who don’t get along. To find out, follow these steps:

Type “system configuration” in the Start menu and open it.

Go to the Services tab and hide all the Microsoft services.

Now, turn off any service that you suspect might be causing trouble for the Snipping Tool.

If the Snipping Tool behaves better after this, you’ve found the problem. Keep that service turned off to keep things running smoothly.

3. Use the Scannow Tool

When nothing else works, it’s time to use the scannow command. This handy trick can fix the damaged files that make the Snipping Tool act up. Here’s what to do:

Type “command prompt” in the Start menu and run it as an administrator.

In Command Prompt, type “sfc /scannow” and press Enter.

Now, type “snippingtool.exe” and check if the Snipping Tool works better.

4. Allow the Snipping Tool to Run in the Background

Sometimes, the Snipping Tool is a bit shy and won’t work unless you’re looking at it. To fix this, follow these steps:

Click the Windows icon and choose Settings.

Go to Privacy.

Scroll down to “Background apps” on the left.

Find “Snip & Sketch” in the list and make sure it’s turned on.

5. Update Graphics Drivers

Lastly, let’s talk about those graphics drivers. If they’re old or not working right, they can make the Snipping Tool act up. Here’s what to do:

Right-click on the Windows icon and choose Device Manager.

Find “Display adapters,” expand it, and right-click on your driver.

Choose “Update driver” and let the system do its thing.

Restart your computer, and hopefully, the Snipping Tool will work better.

There you have it, simple steps to get your Snipping Tool working smoothly again. Now, go capture those screen pictures like a pro, and don’t let technology slow you down!