Difference between Apple TV and Apple TV Plus

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This article reveals the differences between Apple TV and Apple TV plus. You might be thinking one is a TV and the other an upgrade of the same. It is not the case. The way Apple named them easily makes them confusing to understand if you are not familiar with either of them. To know the difference, read on.

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Apple TV is simply a media player (like a VLC media player) and Apple TV+ is a streaming service (like YouTube, Netflix, or even our very own MunoWatch from Uganda). Let us look at them more individually as we see the differences between the two.

Apple TV Plus:

It is important to note that this is not a physical product, but a streaming service from Apple. You can watch a lot of movies, series, and documentaries made by Apple on this streaming platform.

Apple TV Plus (also written as Apple TV+) is readily available on everyone’s iOS devices. People are using the Apple TV+ streaming service with their Apple devices or via the Apple TV website. When one goes ahead and buys a new Apple device, like an Apple TV, they get Apple TV+ for free for a full year. More details are discussed what exactly Apple TV is, next.

Apple TV:

When looking at Apple TV, you will notice that it is a physical box (like a DStv / GoTv / StarTimes decoder) with a remote. You can use this media player to convert your television to a smart TV. With Apple TV, you can use all your favorite apps such as Netflix (a popular streaming platform for watching movies and series online) on your television.

You can watch all your favorite movies and series from the same place and listen to the latest podcast from your television. You can easily stream your photos to your iPhone from your television with Apple TV. So your family can watch it with you. Apple TV also works as a HomeKit hub for all your smart devices.

Summary Table: Apple TV Vs. Apple TV plus

Apple TVApple TV Plus
PriceFrom € 159€ 4.99 per month
It is a physical productYesNo
You can watch original Apple movies and seriesYesYes
You can install appsYesNo
You can watch all movies and seriesYesNo
Table summarising the differences between Apple TV and Apple TV plus