How to Delete M-Pesa Statement

How to delete M-Pesa Statement -
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Most Kenyans use M-PESA to make transactions from one account to another, when buying goods using paybill and till numbers, and also transferring to and from Bank Accounts. M-PESA records all these transactions over some time in an M-PESA Statement. The M-PESA Statement refers to a report containing one’s M-PESA transactions over a particular period which comprises Money Withdrawn and Money Deposited. This blog explains How to delete the M-Pesa Statement.

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To get an M-PESA Statement, you have to subscribe to the service or access it via the M-PESA mobile app for Android or iOS. This service can be obtained through the Safaricom network via USSD codes *234# and *334# and exists in variations of mini or full statements set at 3-month, 6-month, and 12-month periods.

M-PESA Statement benefits are termed relative to the subscribers. You can opt out of it if you don’t see its use in your life. Sometimes loan apps will require you to give your M-PESA Statement to make realistic loan decisions and to show your financial status.

Here’s how to delete the M-PESA Statement via USSD.

a). USSD Code: *334#

How to delete M-Pesa Statement - - 1
  • Dial *334#
  • Choose option 7: My Account.
  • Choose option 6: M-PESA Statement.
  • Choose option 4: Opt out

b). USSD Code: *234#

How to delete M-Pesa Statement - - 2
  • Dial *234#
  • Select option 5: M-PESA Information.
  • Choose option 1: M-PESA Statement.
  • Choose option 4: Opt-out.

You can also delete your M-PESA Statement using your email address.