15 Best meme maker websites 2023 (Free and Easy-to-use)

Choose best meme maker website from list below
Best Meme Maker Websites
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If you are an online junky, social media lover, average internet user, or any category you fall in, you surely have landed across memes online or you are searching for the best meme maker website.

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One of the easiest and most fun ways to make the internet interesting is through making memes, sharing memes, holding meme conversations, or anything concerning memes.

Platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin (Hahaha, just kidding), Pinterest, Tumblr, Snapchat, Reddit, name it, all have meme photos that have probably cracked you up, made you gag that you shared them with buddies.

You might be asking, How do I make a meme? Can I make a meme with my own picture? What is the best source for online meme templates? What is the best free meme generator online? How to make a meme on PC? All these questions will be answered with these meme maker websites which are to help you make your own memes.

In this blog, I share with you ways on how to make memes online on each of these websites. These meme generator websites that I’m about to break down are FREE and easy to use. The fun part is they allow you to tweak your meme in any way you want, for example, some have blank meme generators, meme templates, have meme generator with no watermark, and most importantly, they guide you on how to make a meme.

But before we delve into your ultimate list of best meme maker websites, here is a fun fact you didn’t know about memes:

“Meme” is derived from the ancient Greek word “mimema”, which means “something imitated”.



Choose your best meme maker website from the list below

NOTE: To make things easier, you should log in to some of these meme-making websites to fully access the functionalities and features.

In no particular order, we have;

1. Canva

Best Meme maker website 1
Canva FREE meme generator

Here is a meme maker website that I have personally used for making graphic designs and impressions, meet Canva. Canva is an all-around online design platform, which created a special free meme-making tool on their website.

With the canvas free online meme generator, you are provided with different functionalities to ease your experience when making a meme.

Canva features and functionalities

  • Existing pre-designed meme templates
  • Flexible and editable meme templates
  • Uploading own picture and making customized memes
  • Available non-restricted color designs and fonts
  • No watermarks restrictions (for free images)
  • Meme blur effect
  • Drag and drop simple meme making tool

How to create a meme with your own picture on Canva (or Template)

How to make a meme with Canva
Make a custom meme with Canva

>> Click here to access Canva meme generator. After which, Log in or Sign up to Canva
>> Click on create a meme
>> On the sidebar, scroll down and select Templates or select Uploads
>> Tap on the Upload image button
>> Then use the Texts, Canva Elements, and Background options to create your custom meme
>> After which, Download or share directly to social media platforms

2. Make a meme

Make a meme - Best meme maker website 2
Make a meme FREE meme maker website

This meme making website is one with many available options to choose from. When you log in, the first page welcomes you with a list of viral and famous memes on the internet. The interesting part is if you are looking for an already existing meme, it is searchable by name. The make a meme website allows you to search and find your favorite meme by name, for example, I was able to find old Kanye west memes.

Make a meme features and functionalities

  • Searching for a blank meme
  • Browsing option of the newest memes
  • Make your meme public or private
  • Adding your own caption on meme
  • Meme category groupings for example celebrity memes, Fortnite memes, Donald trump memes, and so on.
  • Latest meme templates and making meme mugs
  • Meme preview before downloading them

How to create/edit a meme with the ‘make a meme’ website

>> Ensure to login/register on the website
>> Select a meme picture from the available options / Blank meme generator
>> Insert the top text and bottom text
>> You can choose to make the meme public or private
>> Scroll down for other options like removing the watermark
>> Click on make a meme and save the meme image

How to create a custom meme with the make a meme website

Make a custom meme with this best meme maker website
Make a custom meme with the ‘make a meme’ website

>> First Login/register on the website
>> Click on the upload image option
>> You will be prompted to upload an image as shown above
>> Include top text, bottom text, meme title and Make the meme

3. Crello Free Meme Maker

Crello FREE Best Meme maker website
Crello FREE Meme maker website

Crello meme maker website is one of the many meme making websites which have a clean interface, and make creating memes easy.

At first sight, you are able to select from the available templates. These come in different kinds such as two-photo collages, four-photo collages, top-text, bottom text, text on every image in the collage, all these meme template options are editable. This meme generator has no watermark. This is your ultimate go-to website for meme templates.

Crello features and functionalities

  • Over 140 million quality stock images
  • Meme Templates for use
  • Various text formatting options
  • Search and insert an image from online sources
  • Uploading your own fonts and custom images
  • Supports different dimensions for various social media platforms

How to create a meme with Crello meme maker

Make a meme with your own picture using Crello
Make a meme with Crello FREE meme maker

>> Select the available meme templates at the top of the website
>> Search for an image to insert or Upload your own image
>> Input text, format its colors, and fonts as you prefer
>> Click on Generate meme
>> Copy link which will be popped up for you, paste it in a browser and download the meme. You can also share that link with others on social media.

4. Adobe Spark meme maker

Adobe spark BEST Free meme maker website
Adobe Spark online meme maker tool

Immediately you access the Adobe spark meme maker website, you are easily directed to design your own meme.

This free meme generator website allows you to edit templates and offers you with various design options as you will see below.

Adobe spark meme maker features and functionalities

  • Various meme templates
  • Meme generator no watermark (for free images)
  • Landscape, portrait, and square meme design options for all social media platforms

How to create a meme with your own picture on Adobe Spark

Create a meme with your own picture on Adobe Spark
How to make a custom meme with Adobe Spark

>> Click on Design your own meme button
>> You will be prompted to select the size of the meme based on the social media platform of your choice or Make custom dimensions. Click next
>> Choose from existing images, search or upload a custom image. Click next
>> Select your preferred design colors or layouts
>> Download your meme

5. Quickmeme

QuickMeme best meme maker website
QuickMeme meme maker website

Quickmeme, also dubbed as the funniest page on the internet, is your run to meme maker website. Surely, the name quick attests for itself, as this website makes access to online memes quick, free, and with ease.

On accessing the website, ensure to Log in, by pressing the Login button on the top right. My attempts to log in failed, but I managed to download some memes available. From what I collected from some friends, it worked for them. Here are the functionalities of the Quickmeme website.

Quick meme features and functionalities

  • Shows trending memes and gifs
  • Add your own caption on available memes
  • Like or dislike memes of other memers
  • Upload and create your meme
  • Share meme to particular social media platforms directly

6. Imgflip

imgflip - best meme maker website
imgflip FREE meme maker website

When you access the imgflip website, you are welcomed by all the available options to make a meme right there.

Click on the Create drop-down button above, all the features to make your experience easy and make memes quickly are presented.

Imgflip features and functionalities

  • Caption a meme
  • Make a custom meme
  • Search meme by name
  • Share memes to various social media platforms directly
  • Shuffle through new meme templates and free meme images
  • Make memes private or public
  • Text customization options without any limitations
  • Meme generator no watermark
  • Feature on the meme leader board (if your memes have many views)

Create your own meme with Imgflip (Step-by-step)

Create your own meme with imgflip
How to make a meme with Imgflip

>> Head over to the Imgflip website
>> On the left panel, click on the yellow “Make a meme” button
>> The meme generator will offer you a meme template, but to change it, click on Add images
>> The select 3 of these options, Upload image, Paste image URL, or search meme image
>> You can change to other template collages on the top
>> Make text edits and add as many text boxes as you wish
>> Remove meme watermark (or not). You may also make the meme private (only viewed and seen by you)
>> Go ahead to generate a meme and download it.

7. Imgur

Imgur best meme maker website
Imgur meme maker tool

Imgur is an image and motion picture-sharing platform, with loads of funny memes, gifs, and short videos. This social image-sharing platform introduced an online meme maker, after realizing the trend in which online audiences enjoy making memes online.

The Imgur meme generator has a multitude of meme templates to enable an easy meme-making experience. Ensure to sign up or sign in to enjoy the full functions and features of Imgur.

Imgur features and functionalities

  • Browse memes
  • Listing of popular memes of the day
  • Listing of viral memes on Imgur
  • Uploading any custom images for memes
  • Creating an Imgur personal profile with all your created memes
  • Select a default meme/automatic meme generator (This is a listing of memes created by default by Imgur for anyone’s use)

How to create a custom meme with Imgur meme maker website

>> Click on the Upload New Background button
>> Select either Browse (to upload an image from your phone/PC) or paste the image URL
>> After the image loads, you will be able to put a TOP TEXT and BOTTOM TEXT.
>> Name the meme
>> Click on the make this meme! button and you will be able to download it

How to edit a meme on Imgur

How to edit a meme on Imgur
The above is a default meme from Imgur

>> Click on the available meme templates or select a default meme
>> Make changes to the top text and bottom text
>> Name the meme for other Imgur users who might want to search it (if it’s not a default meme).
>> Click on the Make this meme! button
>> Copy meme URL or download it and share on other platforms

8. Kapwing meme maker

Kapwing Best Meme maker website
Kapwing Online Meme Generator

If you want to make a meme online, Kapwing should feature on your list of Best meme generators.

This meme maker website has a list of all the basic meme templates you can use. Those with both bottom and top text, only bottom or top texts, different background color options for the top and bottom texts, all for you to choose from. Here are other functionalities and features you can use to make templates online with Kapwing.

Ensure to sign in so as to remove watermark from meme after designing.

Kapwing features and functionalities

  • Blank meme generator
  • Text formatting of different kinds
  • Use of other shapes in your meme
  • Adjusting meme dimensions and cropping
  • Make a meme with sound

How to make a meme with your own picture on Kapwing

>> Click on the Get started button
>> After which, you can Start with a blank canvas or Click to Upload your own picture
>> Edit the meme with your preferred design options and colors
>> Click on publish, and share the meme on any social media platform

9. Filmora FREE meme generator

Filmora FREE best meme maker website
Filmora FREE Online Meme Maker

Filmora is a FREE online meme maker that offers users with a swift an easy-to-use interface to make memes. With this meme maker website, you can create more than images. Whatever background, color option, or edits you need to make for a meme, Filmora supports free and limitless features.

Filmora features and functionalities

  • Various meme options (Image meme, GIF meme & Video meme)
  • Free meme making website
  • Meme generator no watermark
  • Creative meme templates listed for users
  • Choose the output meme file type (jpg, png, gif, mp4)

Create your own meme with Filmora meme maker website (Step-by-step)

Make a custom meme with Filmora
How to make a custom meme with Filmora meme maker website

>> Upload or drop a file in Filmora or Enter image URL
>> Edit the meme with text editing options
>> Select the file type to save your meme
>> Click the CREATE button
>> Download and share the meme to your social media platforms

10. Meme Generator

Meme Generator - Best meme maker website
The Meme Generator website

The Meme Generator website is jumbled and packed with all kinds of memes you can choose from. After a long day’s work, Meme generator is your go-to website to browse and enjoy funny memes.

This meme maker website automatically generates memes for you when you click on a specific meme picture. (These are usually from other meme creators on the website) You are also listed with other various meme options to choose from.

To add to the fun, you can interact with other meme creators by up-voting or down-voting their meme designs.

Meme Generator features and functionalities

  • Meme groupings (Top memes and Popular posts)
  • Automatic meme generator
  • Edit meme templates
  • Search meme image of choice to use

Create a meme with your own picture on Meme Generator (Step-by-Step)

Make a meme with your own picture using the Meme Generator website
Make a meme with the Meme Generator

>> Click on Caption a meme. You will be availed with Upload image or Choose image
>> After, you can add text and make changes to the image
>> Include a hashtag (optional)
>> Click on Generate meme button
>> Download or Send the meme across social media directly


How to make a meme on your PC

11. Meme Creator

There are quite many websites named Meme creator, you may be confused about which one to use to make a meme. This naming confusion could drive you to select one which may not offer you the best meme making features. So, I have decided to share 2 meme creator websites below, for you to choose from. If you find any other best meme maker websites with the same name, please share them with us in the comments below.

11.1 MemeCreator.org

MemeCreator.org Best Meme maker website
MemeCreator FREE meme generator

This meme creator website lets you browse and also create your own memes. From the already existing memes, you can edit and re-create a meme.

The fun continues with more meme options listed for you to choose from. The meme creator website enables you to scroll through the most popular memes, and also use them. It is a hub for various famous internet memes like sponge-bob memes, gaming memes, classic memes, celebrity memes, and so on, grouped for you to easily find.

MemeCreator.org features and functionalities

  • Add sticker to a meme
  • Limitless text formatting options
  • Share meme directly to social media platforms and other internet websites (Gmail, Slack, Skype)
  • Option to draw any shape on a meme (with your mouse)

How to edit/create a meme with memecreator.org

Create funny memes
How to edit/create a meme with the Meme Creator website

>> Click on the meme you want to edit
>> Tap on the Re-create This Meme button
>> You can choose to Upload your Image or use a Popular meme image
>> Make changes to the text or add more text boxes
>> You can also draw on your meme or add a sticker
>> After all the editing, click on the Generate Meme button
>> Download meme or share it directly to your social media platforms

11.2 MemeCreator.com

Meme Creator website
MemeCreator.com meme maker website

This meme creator website lets you make creative, funny memes. As you scroll down through this meme maker website, you will find various memes. The website memes are segmented into, featured meme of the day, Month’s funny memes, popular memes, and so on.

This meme website design is almost similar to the memecreator.org above, one might suggest that probably one of the designers copied the other. However, that’s not my war to fight. The nice part is that the steps to make your own meme are similar to the ones above.

MemeCreator.com features and functionalities

  • Find meme by tags
  • Add sticker to meme
  • Meme generator no watermark
  • Grouped memes in category
  • Easy to use interface

12. LiveMeme

LiveMeme Best meme maker website
LiveMeme FREE Online meme generator

One of the best meme websites with clean interfaces is the Live meme website. As soon as you log-in, the user interface is well-spaced and easy to navigate as you can see above.

When you select a meme, you can choose from the default meme creator options or make changes to it. You can also choose from the many stock meme images when you click on the Create a meme button.

What I noticed about the Livememe free meme generator is that it has a very limited number of meme images and also is limited to making memes with top and bottom text.

LiveMeme features and functionalities

  • Meme generator no watermark
  • Make a meme with no signup or login required
  • Choose from a list of memes
  • Automatic Meme generator
  • Search for a meme

How to edit a meme with LiveMeme

How to edit a meme with LiveMeme
How to Edit a meme with LiveMeme

>> Scroll down and spot the meme you want
>> Then click on the Add your own text to this button
>> Enter Top text and Bottom text
>> Click the Save button
>> Download the image to phone or PC and share

How to make your own meme with LiveMeme (Step-By-Step)

>> As soon as you land on the website front page, click on Upload an image button (or click on the Create a meme button and use already available meme images)
>> Select the image from PC or Phone
>> Enter Top text and Bottom text
>> Click the Save button
>> Download the image to phone or PC and share


DIYLOL FREE meme Generator (Best Meme maker website)
DIYLOL Free Meme Generator

This simple meme generator has a list of meme templates to choose from and is quite easy to use. The rule of creating memes here is simple, choose a meme template and add some text.

The only disadvantage is that the meme templates are few, and you can only make memes from existing images on the DIYLOL website. This can limit your creativity, however, it is an easy meme maker website.

DIYLOL features and functionalities

  • Text formatting options
  • Meme generator no watermark
  • A list of meme templates to choose from

How to make a meme with DIYLOL meme generator

Make a meme with your own picture - DIYLOL
Make a meme with DIYLOL

>> Select a meme template
>> Edit the text, and also add other text boxes if you want
>> After editing your meme, download your image
>> Share to other platforms

14. piZap Meme maker

Pizap FREE meme maker (Best meme maker website list)
PIZAP FREE Meme maker

If there is one tool that has multiple professional tools in a simplistic design, then Pizap takes the trophy. Beyond designing memes, Pizap can be your go-to design tool for graphics online.

The Pizap free meme maker website offers you an easy and extensive way to make memes. This free meme website offers you various functionalities as you will see below.

Don’t forget to Login or signup in order to enjoy pizap’s meme maker tools.

Pizap features and functionalities

  • Various meme collage options
  • Include sticker on meme
  • Various text formatting options
  • Blank meme generator
  • Edit meme image (Color effects)
  • Import images from not only PC/Phone but also Facebook and Dropbox
  • Supports different dimensions for various social media platforms

How to create a meme with Pizap meme maker website

>> Click on the Start button
>> On your pizap start page, you will be able to choose your preferred photo collage, blank meme, image editor, which will all redirect you to upload images
>> Choose your image source (Phone/PC, Stock images, Facebook, or Dropbox) and then choose the editing tools on the left panel
>> Make edits and designs to your meme and save them
>> Download and share across the internet

15. Meme better

Meme Better - The Modern meme generator
Meme Better, The Modern Meme Generator

Meme better, dubbed as the modern meme generator couldn’t go away without being featured on this list of best meme maker websites. I personally like the clean User Interface, which makes it easy to use.

If you want to make a meme in seconds, quickly, and easily, meme better gives you that experience. The limitation of the meme better website is that you can only put the top and bottom text, there are not many text formatting options, and there is a limited number of images to choose from. The upside is that you can upload your own image and make a meme.

Meme better features and functionalities

  • Make a meme, no signup or Login required
  • Meme generator no watermark
  • Supports all modern browsers (Indeed it’s the modern meme generator)
  • Free meme generator

How to make a meme with your own picture using Meme better

>> Click on the huge blue Launch the meme generator button
>> Choose a meme from those listed or Load your own picture
>> After, the picture will be displayed to add text
>> Save image to your phone or PC after including text
>> Share your meme online

With all that said, I hope you can choose from the top list of FREE online meme maker tools, we couldn’t exhaust them. Let me part with a bonus list of other best FREE meme maker websites you can use.

Bonus List to choose FREE best meme maker website

16. MemesHappen Meme Generator

MemesHappen Online Meme Generator (Best Meme Maker website List)
MemesHappen FREE Online meme generator

MemesHappen features and functionalities

  • Meme groupings to choose from (Trending, New, Top Voted)
  • Up-voting or Down-voting memes and interacting with other memes
  • Search for particular memes
  • Submit meme characters and name them

17. Meme Deep Fryer

Meme Deep Fryer (Best meme maker website list)
Meme Deep Fryer

Meme Deep fryer features and functionalities

  • Browse for random memes and deep fry them
  • Edit meme colors and how it looks
  • Increase the quality of meme image
  • Enable bulge tool to change meme faces

18. iLoveIMG

iloveimg meme maker website (best meme maker website list)
iloveimg FREE Online meme generator

iLoveIMG meme generator features and functionalities

  • Convert meme to other file formats
  • Create gifs
  • Upload images from PC/Phone, Google Drive, and DropBox
  • Multiple meme editing functions (crop, resize, meme editor)

19. Clideo Meme Generator

Clideo FREE meme generator (Best meme maker website list)
Clideo FREE Meme generator website

Clideo meme generator features and functionalities

  • Design dimensions for various social media platforms
  • Text formatting options
  • Include emojis in meme captions
  • Toggle between meme templates

20. Meme Center

Meme Center online meme maker (Best meme maker website list)
Meme Center FREE online meme generator

Meme Center features and functionalities

  • Like and comment on memes
  • Share meme directly to Twitter and Facebook
  • Feature on weekly top users list
  • Use Meme Center app on iPhone (Android version doesn’t exist currently)
  • Gif maker


With all these meme maker websites, I hope that you can compare and contrast which is the best. This list is not meant to bias you into choosing any FREE online maker website, but for you to look at the features which work for you and make a meme for yourself, quickly and easily.

Have you chosen your best meme maker website from above, or do you have your own favorite already? Please share with us your go-to online meme-making tool, and we add it to the list. We hope, however, that this list of meme maker websites has been helpful.