Best Apps For Sending Bulk SMS In Nigeria

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If you are looking for the best bulk SMS apps in Nigeria, then you are in the right place.

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Sending Bulk SMS is one of the easiest ways to reach your target audience directly. Assuming you have everyone’s phone number stored, and if you need to send a message along but don’t want to utilize Social Media Apps, Bulk SMS Apps can help.

Bulk SMS is the practice of delivering a large number or volume of Short Message Service (also known as SMS) or text messages all at once. It operates in the same way that you would send a conventional text or SMS message from your phone.

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In Nigeria, there are several organizations that offer bulk SMS services. Each has comparable packages but at various pricing points and of varying quality. In this article, I’ll list the best bulk SMS apps in Nigeria.

List of the Best Bulk SMS Apps in Nigeria

These applications are only available for Android; however, iOS users can use the online version of these Bulk SMS Apps.

1. MultiTexter Bulk SMS

MultiTexter is one of the top bulk SMS apps in Nigeria, and it’s owned by one of the best bulk SMS platforms in Nigeria. You can always spare yourself from the burden of using their website with their app. The app includes practically all of the same functionality as their website.

You can always send bulk SMS to any number in Nigeria and Africa with the MultiTexter Bulk SMS app. The app makes sending bulk SMS incredibly simple and has several great features. You’ll earn free units when you sign up using the app, and you can quickly buy credits through the app.

2. EbulkSMS

EbulkSMS is a highly powerful app for sending bulk SMS and it’s arguably one of the finest out there in Nigeria. There’s a lot you can do with this app and its capabilities are one of the reasons why I suggested it. To avoid unwanted messages, EbulkSMS can send messages to numbers in DND mode, and they will be warned. Bulk SMS may be sent to any number in Nigeria and beyond.

You can use the app to send bulk messages regardless of your network mode. This app is quite simple to use. You can also visit their website whenever you like. When users sign up with the EbulkSMS app, they receive free units.

3. Bulksmslive

Bulksmslive has one of the best platforms for sending bulk messages in Nigeria. They offer fast and top-notch services, and they have some of the cheapest rates for sending bulk SMS. While you can do everything through their website, you can also use their mobile app. This option definitely offers faster services than the web version. You can simply make payments using the app and contact customer support more quickly.

Bulksmslive software is simple to use, mobile-friendly and includes features such as inputting contacts and scheduling them for later. The app also offers free delivery reports when you send bulk messages. It’s one of the best bulk SMS apps in Nigeria and it works effectively.

4. Multi SMS Sender

Multi SMS Sender is an app that allows you to send mass texts to your contacts with a single click of a button. It’s an app that allows you to send messages quickly and effortlessly. It offers amazing features, like the ability to form many groups at once and send messages to them.

You can also add signatures to your messages, and the software stores your message history. This is in case you wish to send similar messages to the same set of contacts on your phone. Multi SMS Sender is an excellent program that is one of the finest in Nigeria for sending bulk SMS.

5. 80kobo Bulk SMS

Another excellent bulk SMS platform in Nigeria is 80kobo Bulk SMS. It provides services that allow company owners to effortlessly connect with their customers as well as people who wish to send bulk messages to friends and acquaintances. You can also utilize their app to send bulk messages. This is a more efficient means of reaching a huge number of contacts.

When you send bulk messages, 80kobo Bulk SMS also provides a free delivery report and sends messages to phones in DND mode. This is one of the top bulk SMS apps in Nigeria. The app is available for download on your Android smartphone.


These are the top apps for sending bulk SMS in Nigeria. While some of these apps haven’t been updated in a long time, their features may not be very effective. You can always contact their customer care or send your bulk messages through their website.