6 Gadgets Every Ugandan Must Have

Gadgets Every Ugandan Must Have - UgTechMag.Com
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It is not rare for you to find yourself either bored or idle and sometimes you actually get stuck with whatever you’re trying to do. This is usually because of nothing bigger than a small device or a portable machine just to keep you going or get the job done. Unlike most people, on this blog, we know that technology has become part of our daily life. For this reason, in this article, we’re listing for you some of those gadgets the average Ugandan must-have. We believe that gadgets are not a sign of extravagance, but rather a necessity!

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EarPhones - Gadgets Every Ugandan Must Have

It’s very common to receive a WhatsApp voice message from that naughty friend. You wouldn’t like everyone to hear what conversations happen between you and this chap or chic. Buying yourself a set of these bad boys wouldn’t be bad cause earphones actually reduce noise pollution while maintaining your full listening pleasure.

Power Bank

Power Bank - Gadgets Every Ugandan Must Have

We all know that UMEME has one of the most unreliable reputations among all service providers in this life! This doesn’t mean that they don’t actually deliver great services, but for as long as they do, it would be wise to store this power in case of a 3-day power blackout.

Power banks are slowly phasing out with the emergence of strong batteries inbuilt into smartphones. But hey? Who said that beaches and national packs have sockets?

Oraimo Charger

Oraimo Charger - Gadgets Every Ugandan Must Have

First of all, this is not an ad! However, we have to break to you the public secret that Oraimo accessories are the most excellent affordable ones out there. Oraimo chargers are compatible with most android phones, fast and safe for use since they come with an inbuilt fuse.

If you’re wondering which is the best phone charger in Uganda, try Oraimo. These are very excellent as they tend to keep the battery health normal.

Power Extension

Power Extension - Gadgets Every Ugandan Must Have

This might be obvious to some people who have families and a life to cherish. Campus students and some pessimists however may look at it as an expense and hence face the burden of having to use direct sockets. High-quality extensions save your other power equipment from getting blown and also allow you to use one socket for multiple gadgets.


Woofer speakers - Gadgets Every Ugandan Must Have

Everybody knows that the age of traditional radio sets ended in the 2010s, because of the rise in the use of Bluetooth and the internet. Woofers are tailored to welcome this new technology while still accessing the normal FM radio stations at unbelievably adjustable volumes. These improved radios are a big deal because they are compatible with multiple devices including storage devices excluding tapes and CDs which are getting phased out.


smartphone - Gadgets Every Ugandan Must Have

You could call me crazy or whatever you want, but I promise you, people with smartphones have more opportunities than those without. Their prices might be high and on the rise, but that’s all because they have a very high value in the livelihood of this age. There’s a high chance that you are reading this article on a smartphone and you probably wouldn’t ever find this article without one.

Those were our six top picks for gadgets you must have in Uganda. Kindly let us know in the comment section if we missed out on something you expected.