What is a Netbook and Should You Buy One?

What Is a Netbook and Should You Buy One? - Dignited
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Netbooks can be acquired at a low cost, lightweight portability, and long battery life. This is one of the reasons why they have small screens (fewer pixels), thus; less power consumed, and longer battery life. This article details an understanding of what a Netbook is and if one should buy him/herself a Netbook or a laptop.

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Netbooks are cheap gadgets compared to a full computer. If you think buying a sully laptop will strain you financially, then why stress? Get yourself one of that descent Netbook and relax. Secondly, if you are planning to use your laptop for simple work that is not hugely processor-intensive, for example, opening one application at a time, you should be just fine with a Netbook.

Note: If you simply must have Outlook, Excel, Word, graphics editing, video editing, and all the other apps open all at the same time, you won’t be fine – go for the full power laptop!

Why would you buy a Netbook?

Below are five reasons for you to buy a Netbook rather than a full laptop with all that scary processor power. Look through our helpful guide.


Not like a full laptop, Netbooks offer you a relevant degree of portability while still providing the required functionality. You might not relate to this at the point, but take an instance where you have to move your personal computer from one room to another. It could take you a deal of time to unplug and plug those cables whereas someone else with a Netbook will simply pick up his foldable Netbook like a book and walk away. Check out this: Ubuntu Netbook Remix

Working on the move

Netbooks are better gadgets compared to Smartphones that provide only a few inches of screen. This makes it almost impossible to carry on your duty using such gadgets. With Netbooks, you can do almost everything. Do you know that some Netbooks can actually run powerful software such as Apache, PHP, MySQL, OpenOffice? Buying a personal computer then becomes almost useless if you can acquire a standard Netbook that can perform all this.


Netbooks come with built-in memory card readers which give them the ability for backup, copying and storing really very enormous data. If you want, you can carry them whenever you are going for a photoshoot or video shoot. Any you prefer!

Backup and synchronization

In case your main computer fails or crushes, your Netbook can play a cool role in backing up all your data. Even when you get another strong computer, your Netbook can retrieve for you all the necessary backed-up data back to your computer. Isn’t it a gadget worth buying?


Lastly, since they are just simple gadgets that don’t come with super powerful processors or those extra-wide screens, Netbooks cost less compared to full laptops. You can get yourself a brand new Netbook at as low as 600,000UGX ($200) which is somewhat impossible with laptops.