What Are Some Things You Need to Know About Apple Airpods?

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Many people say that Apple AirPods are the best wireless earbuds at the moment. Given how much the company has put into marketing it, and all the celebrities like professional athletes that you see wearing AirPods so often, it is no surprise that even an average person wants a pair.

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And to be fair, it is not just the marketing campaign that made AirPods so popular. They are convenient, and the sound quality is exceptional. However, someone who is thinking about getting themselves a pair might have some questions regarding the device.

This article will give you a crash course on Apple AirPods and should answer the most common questions.

Dealing With Water

You have Apple AirPods and AirPods Pro. While the two are quite similar, the Pro version is water-resistant. But are airpods waterproof? The answer is no. So what is the difference between water-resistant and waterproof?

Well, water-resistant means that something can withstand water to some degree. As far as AirPods go, the degree of water they can withstand is pretty low. Ending up soaked in rain can be detrimental to the device, not to mention what jumping in a pool or leaving them in a washer would do.

You have a couple of options after wetting AirPods. If the device came in contact with clear water, wipe it with a clean piece of cloth and leave AirPods to dry for a few hours. In case there was coffee or any other substance involved, you will need to use a damp piece of cloth to remove the substance first.

Ideally, you should do your best to avoid water. The chances of AirPods malfunctioning after getting wet are pretty high, and you would need to pay money for a replacement.

Locating AirPods

After the AirPods announcement, people were skeptical. The idea of headphones without wires sounded ludicrous to some. Losing something so small is simple, but Apple is aware of it.

If you own an iPhone, iPad, or a Macbook, open the “Find My” application. You will see a map with the location of your AirPods. You can also play a sound that makes it even easier to locate the headphones you have lost.

Adjusting Sound

Apple had to implement changes from the official EU regulations regarding the sound, or rather what is considered to be healthy sound. If you have the AirPods connected to an iPhone, open the smartphone’s settings and click on the Music tab. Select Volume Limit and check if the EU Volume Limit is enabled. Enabling the option should improve the overall sound quality.

For Macbook users, installing Boom 3D is a good piece of advice. The tool lets you enhance the sound quality and volume. You can even go beyond 100% without sacrificing quality. In fact, some people say that doing so improves it.

Charging the Battery

Pay attention to the colors on the charging case when the AirPods are inside. Each light status means a different status.

Greenlight indicates that AirPods are fully charged, whereas amber means that you have less than one full charge left. Once the light starts to flash white, it tells that you can set the AirPods with a device. Finally, if the light flashes amber, it might be that you have to start from scratch and set up the AirPods again.

It is also worth mentioning that you can preserve AirPods battery life by using one earbud. The battery lasts for about five hours after a full charge cycle, but you may not have the luxury to charge it every time.

Changing Name

While it should not be that big of a deal, you may still want to change the default name of your Airpods. It may be that someone who has the same name around the vicinity also has a pair. For instance, in a gym, and you may end up trying to connect to AirPods that belong to another person.

Pick the iOS device that you use the AirPods on, open the Settings tab, click on Bluetooth, and select AirPods under My Devices. Tap Name, and you should be able to change the default name of your AirPods.

Updating Firmware

You can save time for firmware updates by keeping a synced device near the AirPods while they are charging in the case. The option is more efficient than having to update manually.

It is recommended to have the latest version installed all the time. This way, you will not be missing out on potential sound quality improvements and the latest features that make AirPods even better.


To sum it all up, questions you might have regarding AirPods should be clearer after reading this article. You are still free to choose whether investing in such an accessory is worth it or not, but if you have been looking for a new experience listening to music, AirPods might be just the thing.