9 Websites Every Student Should Know

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Students are always looking for faster ways to learn, finish assignments, and be creative with projects all at once. Being a student opens up endless opportunities for self-development and learning simply anything you put your mind to. Even though it may come with challenges, uncertainty, and insecurities, websites have come up to help students navigate the sea of learning and maneuver different uncertainties. As a student, you can attain discounts and privileges when using certain websites unavailable to other people. It all depends on your preference. Are you looking to spend less money, on educational sites, motivational and life hack sites or do you simply want your homework done? Well, let it be known that there are sites for all that. As a student, here are the websites that you should check out.

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1. Amazon Prime Student

Did you know that Amazon Prime Student is a smart spending website that offers discounted prices for items to students where you are availed of a free trial for six months as a student? If you subscribe to Amazon Prime Student, you are guaranteed access to free two-day shipping. It also gives discounts on commodities that non-students pay full price for. The platform also gives members a six-month free trial period and after that, the subscriber will start paying a discounted monthly fee of $6.49 per month totaling $59 a year. As a student, you will have banked $60 from the typical $119 referenced for other typical Amazon Prime subscribers.

2. Save a Student

The Save a Student website will help you find the best prices and discounts, show you which unnecessary expenses you’re having, and allow you to search for a part-time or after-graduation job as a student offer. Pretty much the full package. This website will track your expenses, advise you on how to save money and help you budget. Here you can find student jobs and access the most recent student discount, it’s all about guiding you in your financial journey as a student plus it is completely free.

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3. Ted-ed

Ted-ed is an educational website providing video lectures on almost all subjects. With professional teachers, this website will provide you with accurate and well-explained study sessions compared to most sites. On this platform, you will find animated lessons all bent on helping you understand what you are studying plus you get a chance to customize your lessons to fit your understanding. The website is free so you can create an account and get started at no cost.

4. Coursera

Coursera being an e-learning platform will provide you with access to different courses online that are also studied in the world’s famous colleges and universities. Most of its courses are free and you get a certificate or degree upon completion of the course. If you happen to be looking for an online course you can study, then this is the website for you. It is very engaging with its lessons as you can watch lecture videos, present, read, hold discussions with other students, and complete assignments. Most Coursera courses are free but if you want to get a course certificate and access graded assignments you have to pay for it. Professional certificate prices start from $39.99 a month and full degrees can be obtained at prices ranging from $9,000 and above.

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5. Quora

Quora is a social website where you get to ask all sorts of questions and have different people answer and give you their opinions or even share their stories. Quora sounds perfect for research (reading and asking questions). You get to ask all sorts of questions and have different people ranging from ordinary people to professionals giving their answers and opinions. This website is free, all you need to do is create a free account to access their unlimited services

6. Gutenberg.org

Gutenberg is the largest free online library. With this website, you are granted to access a vast number of books online for free. Do you like reading or have a certain book you have failed to acquire? Gutenberg is here for you. Giving you access to over 60,000 free eBooks. All you have to do is access the website and download your desired book in your preferred format.

7. Khan Academy

With well-explained video lessons, Khan Academy is one of those websites that will have you fully understand any topic you chose to study. Khan Academy offers short video lessons and gives practice exercises and other materials for educators. You can access the Khan Academy website and services for free.

8. QuillBot

As a student am sure you have heard those coursework days where you have less time to rephrase obtained research to avoid plagiarism. QuillBot is the app we have all been looking for. This website will help you rephrase text to avoid plagiarism while maintaining the original intended meaning. QuillBot grammar checker is free. You can access the normal QuillBot for free after you create a free account though you will be limited to paraphrasing, not more than 125 words, and only access Fluency and Standard mode, unlike the QuillBot premium that requires a monthly payment of $79.99 to access all their services.

9. Notes Plus

Note Plus is an app found on the Apple store that will convert your handwritten notes into text that is editable. Notes plus can enable you to add pictures to your document selected from the gallery or camera. It also has a handwriting recognition feature, good for us with bad handwriting skills. This app is not free just like most good things.

Wrap-Up: As a student, all you need is guidance and learning never stops. The websites listed above will help you with paraphrasing, educational content, research platforms, content you to the next should opportunity, and offer you discounts.