These are some of the Underrated Android Features

These are some of the Underrated Android Features - UgTechMag.Com
Credit: Jagran English
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When I say ‘underrated’, you may think—something new. It is more like not appreciated. There are features on every phone which add to the efficiency of the phone. Just like our internal organs, they are not seen with the eye, but minus them, your body can’t function normally.

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Having the right software in play is so essential to a phone. If your internal system is not in good shape, it doesn’t matter how good your phone appears, it is a dud. Take all these into account.


Which features are these?

Anytime you chose to buy an Android phone, these are features you must look out for;

Software support and optimization

Even if you have a powerful processor with a large RAM, the software must be as powerful. A phone with no optimization (software that keeps refreshes, increases speed, clears memory…) is doomsday. When a person buys a phone, they expect it to take some time. It may fall in the water and get cracked, but they still treasure it. All that matters is ‘can the phone still perform as it should?’ Consistent software updates are necessary. That’s why the brand you buy should have these features.

Phone cooler (Heat Management)

Hot surfaces. Hot room. Hot day. No one likes heat. It is discomforting. Place people kept in a closed-off room with no vents, no windows, and you’ll see their flares up. Same with processors. When there is too much heat, they fail to function well. Of late, manufacturers have dealt with this by slowing down certain apps and features to keep the phone cool.

RAM Management

Yes, bigger is better, but if better can’t make the most of the size, it can’t stand a chance. An iPhone may have less RAM than IOS but perform better. Choose wisely. It is expensive but more functional.

Camera sensor size and style of photo or video post-processing

Why some photos or videos come out better compared to others is not the number of cameras on the back. It is the camera sensor. With a bigger sensor, you get nice shots, and more light if the light available is not favorable, thus better videos and photos.

Post-processing. It must be a new word to you. All it means is, that even when you put three phones side by side with identical camera sensors and take good photos, here it comes—their sharpness, detail, and color tuning are what sets them a class apart. 

Vibration Motor

This feature is underrated because all phones have it. Every time you receive notifications, typing, or scrolling through the phone, you feel these vibrations. iPhones and some iOS phones have a good vibration motor.

Fast charging

Many phone users don’t consider this a feature when buying a phone. But imagine if you could charge your phone for under 30 minutes, wouldn’t that be great? Think about it.

Battery life

I can’t stress this enough. The longer your battery can stay on, the better. Having a 5000 mAh battery is good, but it won’t last without power management and optimization. 

Phone weight and size 

Some people love them small. Others big. But a pretty decent size is ok. Not too small, not too big. Just RIGHT.

Speaker Quality

Most phone users don’t care about sound quality, but having good sound is soothing to the ears.