How to unban your WhatsApp number

Banned WhatsApp Number
Credit: Google
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WhatsApp has banned your WhatsApp number. What next? This WhatsApp how-to will guide you on how to unban your WhatsApp Number. We know it’s not a pleasant experience but we shall help you overcome this.

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Step by Step guide to unban your WhatsApp Number

Before we can help you to unban your WhatsApp Number, Let’s help you understand why your number could be banned from WhatsApp. Here are some of the reasons why WhatsApp has banned your WhatsApp number:-

  • You using a modded version of WhatsApp
  • You sending bulk promotional or spamming messages
  • You using offensive words like porn in account name or group name
  • You sending messages to unknown persons
  • You Sending illegal, obscene, defamatory or threatening messages
  • You Sending suspicious links to the whatsapp contacts and spreading fake news on whatsapp.
  • You spaming groups and sharing fake news

So now you know why WhatsApp had to ban your WhatsApp number, here’s how you can have your WhatsApp number unbanned.

You’ll need to email WhatsApp to have your account unbanned. Copy the email below and send it to the email address listed below.

Message: (Just Copy and Paste it)

Hello WhatsApp Team,
My WhatsApp account was temporarily banned. I have already switched from modified WhatsApp to official WhatsApp. Please Review and Unban.
My Banned WhatsApp is +256789*******

Send email to:
Subject: WhatsApp Number Banned

Now you wait, this may take a few minutes, hours, days, weeks, or even months but rest assured that WhatsApp reads and will unban your WhatsApp account. Take a look at the screenshot below

Email to whatsapp on banned whatsapp account - unban WhatsApp number