List of Uganda Radio Stations on DStv

Uganda Radio Stations on DStv
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With the need to extend great Ugandan music and news to the subscribers, Multichoice’s DSTV added Uganda Radio stations to its audio channel bouquet. As of now, only two radio stations are available on the DSTV audio channel.

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The audio package can be accessed by DStv Premium subscribers, DSTV Compact subscribers, DSTV Compact Plus subscribers, DSTV Family subscribers, and DSTV Access subscribers. Here is a list of Uganda Radio Stations on DSTV.

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1. Radio One FM 90

This was the first Ugandan radio station to be added to the DSTV audio package. Radio One is one of the first radio stations in Uganda which is quite popular to the youths aged 30 and above for its classic choice of music and detailed hourly news.

Radio One FM 90 Uganda

2. Nxt Radio

The audio-visual radio was added to the list early this year. If you are a listener to 106.1 Nxt radio, get yourself to do more than just listening. You can now watch all your favorite shows live on DSTV channel 898.

Nxt Radio Uganda- Uganda Radio Stations on DStv