Complete Guide About Use of TMWhatsApp(FAQs)

TM WhatsApp
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Many users are using the TM WhatsApp app and have many questions and need to know the answers, this comprehensive section of TMWhatsApp Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) below will provide the complete solutions to all the doubts, questions they might have.

What features make TM WhatsApp stand out?

  1. Below is a summary of some of the special features that make TMWhatsApp stand out from the original google play store WhatsApp;
    • Inbuilt VPN proxy feature for countries where WhatsApp is blocked.
    • Animation background effects on WhatsApp: (Fire, Snow, Water, Flowers etc).
    • Increased video status to 1 hour instead of 30 seconds on normal WhatsApp.
    • Schedule messages to be sent later (No more need to wake up to wish a friend a happy birthday).
    • Send a message to many contacts at once instead of only 5 contacts on normal WhatsApp
    • Freeze Last Seen (Pause your last seen to a past date/time).
    • Hide blue ticks and eecond tick. (Don’t tell the sender that you have read their messages)
    • Hide status view (Don’t tell the sender that you have viewed their status)
    • Auto reply (Auto reply messages when you are busy).
    • Sleep mode (Disable internet for only TMWhatsApp).
    • Anti-recall messages (Prevents messages from being deleted from your side).
    • Anti-recall status (Prevents statues from being deleted from your side).
    • Hide chats (using pattern).
    • Send audios with a size of 100MBs instead of the 16MBs on normal WhatsApp.
    • Send videos with size of 50MBs instead of the 16MBs on normal WhatsApp.
    • Send 100 documents at once instead of 30 on normal WhatsApp.
    • Send 100 images at once instead of 10 images on normal WhatsApp.
    • Automatically split long videos and upload to status.
    • Change app font, launcher icon and notifications icon.
    • Block unwanted incoming voice and video calls.
    • Online and last seen popups on the main screen. (Know who is online at a particular time)

Theme server (to download / apply themes, change ticks & bubble styles).

  • Download and copy a friend’s status.
  • Change the app’s icon and notifications icon.
  • And many other features. try it out to discover them by yourself.

Can I Use TMWhatsApp Alongside normal WhatsApp on My Phone?

A) Yes, you can install and run both applications on a single device. So, if you are looking to run TMWhatsApp there is no obligation to uninstall the normal WhatsApp unless you want to use only one app. The only catch is that you will need two different numbers to register on both applications.

A) You can join the TM WhatsApp Telegram Group to get the APK file directly from the developer or visit his official Website. Another possible way is by going to GOOGLE and search for “TM WhatsApp”. Many online websites will provide you with direct download links to TMWhatsApp.

How to Install TMWhatsApp?

A) The installation process is simple just like you would install any other app on your device. First, enable unknown source installation capability from your device settings. Then, go to the downloads folder and click on the APK file and proceed with the instructions to install the application. Then, go to the device’s home screen and launch the application. Register using your contact number and proceed with the account setup.

The App Can’t be Installed on My Device. It displays that, “APP NOT INSTALLED” or “THERE WAS A PROBLEM WHILE PARSING THE PACKAGE”. How Do I Fix That?

  1. First uninstall any old version of TMWhatsApp that you have on your device and reinstall the new downloaded version, this will fix that problem but also remember to back up your chats before you uninstall the old version. Another possible cause of the “Parse Error” is a broken download or damaged file, to avoid broken downloads we recommend that you should always download the app from our recommended telegram channel.

My TMWhatsApp Can’t Share One Message With More Than 5 Chats/Groups, How Can I Fix It?

  1. This doesn’t happen by mistake or don’t think that you have maybe forgotten to activate the feature. This feature was removed in some versions because it was one of the main reasons why TMWhatsApp user numbers were being detected and banned from using WhatsApp. We plan to restore all old features in our next versions of TMWhatsApp when we find them safe again for the users.

NOTE: This also applies to other features like sending videos with the size of 55MBs, increasing status videos to 30 minutes, sending audio files of 100MBs, and also sending 100 images at once.

Can TMWhatsApp Anti-Ban version Unlock My Bannned WhatsApp Number?

  1. No TMWhatsApp doesn’t unlock already banned numbers but can only protect your number from being banned when using TMWhatsApp.

How can I Hide a Chat on TMWhatsApp?

Hide chat TM WhatsApp
  1. Select the Chats/Groups that you want to hide then click on: More Options >> Hide Chat >> (Enter Pattern to Hide Chat)

How Can I Unhide a Hidden Chat on TMWhatsApp?

Unhide chat TM WhatsApp
  1. Click on “TMWhatsApp” (Enter Pattern to Unhide Chat)

How Can I Turn on SLEEP Mode on TMWhatsApp?

Turn on SLEEP Mode on TMWhatsApp

A) Click on the Network icon on the Main Chat Screen. Do the same when you want to enable internet for TMWhatsApp.

How Can I Schedule or Auto Reply a Message On TMWhatsApp?

A) See the image below.

Schedule or Auto Reply a Message On TMWhatsApp

My TMWhatsApp Messages Are Delivered or Received Very Late, How Can I Fix This Problem?

A) Do not worry, we have many solutions to fix this problem below.

Disable Hiding Ticks in Privacy Settings

Hiding Blue ticks and Second tick is the biggest cause of this problem in most devices so please before trying out any other solution try to disable the hiding of any ticks. You can do this by deactivating the features in the privacy settings. (TM Mods >> Privacy >> Contacts >> Hide Blue Ticks / Hide Second Tick) (Uncheck the boxes)

Disable Power Saver Apps / Mode

Several manufacturers like Sony, Asus, and Samsung offer battery saver modes to extract maximum performance from batteries in their devices.

Some users also use apps like Battery Doctor to make their battery stay longer, these apps help you save more battery power. But, that optimization comes at a cost, they cut either the mobile data connection or your Wi-Fi connection as you put the device in sleep mode.

So, Make sure you have deleted all power-saving apps from your device, and disabled power-saving mode.

Disable Power / Permissions Monitor

In many cases, Android devices get slow to receive message notifications from WhatsApp (Especially in Samsung) after enabled Power Monitor or Permissions Monitor, so we will tell you how to disable this modes :


  • Open your android device Settings.
  • Find and select Security.
  • Scroll down to App Permission Monitor.
  • Switch and completely turn off App Permission Monitor.


  • Open your android device Settings.
  • Go to Device Maintenance and then on the menu bar below on “Battery”.
  • Tap the three point icon and go to “Advanced settings”.
  • Switch and completely turn off App Power Monitor.

Enable Mobile Data in Background

WhatsApp periodically connects in the background to the server to fetch any new messages to you, so you must follow the next steps to enable background data in your android device:

  • Open you android device Settings.
  • Now Tap on Mobile data usage. It will show all the apps and data usages.
  • Tap on your WhatsApp version icon.
  • Now there you will see Background data, Tap on it and this will allow the app to use mobile data in the background and syncs data in the background.

Clean TMWhatsApp Cache

By deleting all WhatsApp cache data, you can provide sufficient memory for your Android phone which makes it to work faster:

  • Open your android device Settings.
  • Find Apps (or Applications, depending on your device) in the menu, then click on TMWhatsApp.
  • Tap on Storage then click on clear cache button, be careful if you clicked on clear data button your TMWhatsApp will be reset completely and all your conversations and settings will be deleted.

Disable Wi-Fi Power Saving / Sleep Mode

You must disable Wi-Fi background power-saving mode and sleep mode, Because It restricts the receipt of WhatsApp messages:

  • Open you android device Settings.
  • Click on Connections then click on Wi-Fi.
  • Tap on Advanced button on the corner.
  • Turn off Wi-Fi power saving mode.
  • Scroll down and click on Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep.
  • Chose Always.

Reset App Preferences

We recommend that you apply this solution because it sometimes fixes the problem:

  • Open you android device Settings.
  • Find Apps (or Applications, depending on your device) in the menu.
  • Click on the left menu (three point icon)
  • Tap on Reset app preferences.

Logout from WhatsApp Web

Logout from all connected computers to your WhatsApp by going to WhatsApp >> Menu Button >> WhatsApp Web >> Logout from all computers because sometimes messages arrive at your computer only.

The Last Solution! Clear WhatsApp Data

Do not apply this solution before trying all previous solutions, because it will delete all WhatsApp data and return it to default mode, and make sure you have a full backup for your chat before you clear WhatsApp data.

How I Can Set Custom Notifications for My Favorite TMWhatsApp Contacts?

  1. For enabling this you will need to have the version of the app that offers this update / feature. Custom Notification feature helps you make the most of how you control notifications from selected contacts as per your liking. Follow the below appended steps which will make you control your communication interface with certain contacts on your Android device:
    • Launch WhatsApp from the home screen of your device.
    • Open any conversation and tap on ‘View Contact’. You can also access this by tapping on the profile name of the contact within their chat box.
    • Now tap on ‘Custom Notifications’.
    • Now, all you need is to check the box against ‘Use custom notifications’ box.
    • After this all the options will become functional and you will be able to tap on any of them, as displayed here.
    • From the list you can move to any option that you want to change or enable specifically as per your need depending on the contact.
    • You will be able to configure settings for call, messages, pop-up and more notification behaviors, and easily and preferably spot messages the way you like from your favorite contacts.

Can I Add Stickers to TMWhatsApp?

A) Yes, you can add amazing stickers to TMWhatsApp favorites list.

How TMWhatsApp Is Different Than Other Versions Like GBWhatsApp, YoWhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus?

A) No, there isn’t a big difference between these different versions, apart from a few tweaks and functional capabilities listed below.

Smooth and Fast:

All of the codes were re-modified which makes it smooth and faster than ever.


This is a newly introduced secret code embedded in TMWhatsApp to prevent a user’s number from being banned for using a modded version of WhatsApp.

VPN Proxy:

TMWhatsApp has got a proxy feature for countries where WhatsApp is blocked.

Extended Expiry Date:

TMWhatsApp now takes the longest time to expire as compared to other mods that require updates every few weeks.

Combined Features:

TMWhatsApp is a combination of all the amazing features of WhatsApp+, YoWhatsApp, and GBWhatsApp, etc. Making it the only all-in-one WhatsApp mod ever developed.


Apps with ads consume a lot of bandwidth or data. Unlike some other mods, TMWhatsApp is totally ad free which saves over 45% of your mobile data bundles (MBs) when running the app.

100% Secure:

All hidden codes were reviewed and removed so TMWhatsApp users don’t have to worry about their privacy anymore while using the app.

The T-Market (Premium Apps):

TMWhatsApp has got direct download links to over 300 fully paid premium android apps ready for download at no cost at all.

TMWhatsApp Group:

A link to join a TMWhatsApp forum is also available within the app. Interact directly with the developer and other TMWhatsApp users worldwide. Share views and get help on TMWhatsApp.

Manual Update:

Automatic updates are permanently disabled giving the user full control over updates. Users only update the app at their wish and when they have enough data bundle to do so.

11. 100% Free:

Other mods claim to be free but they have got embedded links that redirect you to sites that require you to make a cash donation to the developer. With TMWhatsApp there is nothing like that, it’s absolutely free.

12. Compatibility:

As many other mods may have difficulty running on the latest android versions, TMWhatsApp is compatible to all and runs smoothly with minimal crashes.

Is It Safe to Use TMWhatsApp on My Android?

A) As TMWhatsApp has been created by modifying the style sheet information of WhatsApp APK and uses the same server, TMWhatsApp is completely safe to use just like the normal WhatsApp.

Can Anyone Hack My TMWhatsApp Account?

A) No. As TMWhatsApp runs on the genuine server of normal WhatsApp, It provides complete chat encryption capability, therefore limiting any hack possibility from third persons.

Can I Customize My TMWhatsApp Account With Different Themes?

A) TMWhatsApp has a dedicated Theme Store that offers you plenty of options to pick free themes from and personalize your account as you like. You can remove and change the themes any number of times. (TM Mods >> Themes >> Download Themes)

How to Download Dark Theme on TMWhatsApp?

  1. To do this, go to (TM Mods >> Background Effects >> Download Dark Theme >>

Open web to download dark theme on your device)

  1. Q) How to Apply Downloaded Dark Theme on TMWhatsApp?

A) To do this, go to (TM Mods >> Themes >> Apply Theme >> Browse to the location of the downloaded theme on your device)

How to Backup/Restore My WhatsApp Chats from Google Drive Backup?

A) This was possible in the previous versions of TMWhatsApp but this feature has been disabled in the current versions because it was discovered that it is one of the reasons why numbers were being banned. Backing up on Google Drive can easily exposed your number.

How to Replace Your Normal WhatsApp with TMWhatsApp without Losing Your Chats?

  1. To do that just follow the steps below:
    • Backup your chats to your device.
    • Go to your File Manager on your device and locate the WhatsApp folder.
    • Rename the WhatsApp folder to TMWhatsApp.
    • After that open the renamed folder and locate the Media folder.
    • Rename all the sub folders in the Media folder starting with the letters “TM” for example the WhatsApp Documets folder should be renamed to TMWhatsApp Documents. Only leave out the Wallpapers folder, don’t rename it.
    • Now uninstall your normal WhatsApp and install TMWhatsApp. Your chats will be automatically detected and restored.

How to Restore the TMWhatsApp Chats to the Normal WhatsApp?

A) If you are shifting back to the normal WhatsApp application, Then after installing the WhatsApp application go to the File Manager >> TMWhatsApp folder. Copy the Media and Database Folder and paste it into the WhatsApp folder in the File Manager. Now, Launch the WhatsApp application and register using the number you used with TMWhatsApp, and proceed with the restore option when the app prompts.

How to Pause/Freeze Your Last Seen on TMWhatsApp?

A) You can do this by activating the Freeze Last Seen feature in TMWhatsApp privacy mods.

(TM Mods >> Privacy >> Freeze Last Seen. (Check the box)

How to Read a Message Someone Has Sent and then Deleted on TMWhatsApp?

A) You can do this by activating the Anti-Recall Messages feature in TMWhatsApp privacy mods.

(Privacy Mods >> General Privacy Settings >> Anti-Recall Messages. (Check the box)

How to Prevent Others From Knowing That You Viewed Their Status on TMWhatsApp?

A) You can do this by activating the Hide Status View feature in TMWhatsApp privacy mods.

(TM Mods >> Privacy >> Hide View Status. (Check the box)

How to View a Status Someone Has Sent and then Deleted on TMWhatsApp?

A) You can do this by activating the Anti-Recall Status feature in TMWhatsApp privacy mods.

(TM Mods >> Privacy >> Anti-Delete Status. (Check the box)

How Often does the TMWhatsApp Update Come?

TM WhatsApp update

A) TMWhatsApp application is updated once every 4 months by the developer, which helps in fixing the bugs and improving the interface functionality and with addition of new features. To check for the latest update please go to:

(TM Mods >> Updates >> Check Official Web)

How to Block Incoming Voice and Video Calls on TMWhatsApp?

A) You can do this by activating the Call blocking feature in TM Mods.

(TM Mods >> Privacy >> Who can call me. (Select your setting)

Is TMWhatsApp Available for iPhone?

A) No, This app is available for Android users only at the moment.

Can Chats Be Secured With a Password on TMWhatsApp?

A) Yes, TMWhatsApp provides you functionality to password-protect the app and chats.

(TM Mods >> Lock TMWhatsApp. (Click to Open)

What Is the Device Requirement to Run TMWhatsApp?

A) An Android smartphone running version 4.0 or above, Internet connectivity, and a working phone number but in some few cases the app may refuse to install because of the device’s security settings.

What to Do When the Application Shows “unfortunately, TMWhatsApp Has Stopped Working”?

A) This sometimes happens when a new feature in the “TM Mods” that isn’t compatible to the device has been activated, so if it happens when you have just activated a new feature like a theme simply deactivate it. It can also occur when TMWhatsApp is expiring or warning to expire, simply uninstall the application, download and install the latest version by visiting this Page.

Will I Be Banned if I Use TMWhatsApp?

A) TMWhatsApp has an inbuilt anti-ban feature but if you continue switching from different mods or sending messages to more than 5 groups at once your number can be detected and banned.

NOTE CAREFULLY: It’s not by mistake that some mods of TMWhatsApp are available in the app but not functional. These mods are still under development and will probably become functional in the coming versions of TMWhatsApp.

With this FAQs section, most of your queries will have been answered and you won’t feel worried about using TMWhatsApp. To read more about TMWhatsApp you can visit this Page.

How to speed up TMWhatsApp?

Always clear TMWhatsApp leftover files to speed up TMWhatsApp and minimize crashes.

How to send a blank/empty message on TMWhatsApp?

You can now tease your friends by sending them blank/empty messages and leave them totally confused.
NOTE: Re-download the app from the link here if you need it.

Source: Adopted from TM WhatsApp creator