How to Solve No signal or No Service on Startimes Decoder

Startimes Kenya Packages
Credit: Google
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This quick guide will help you solve the No signal or No service issues on Startimes. Often times we encounter issues such as signals always on and off with our StarTimes or your tv showing no service. This article will guide you on how to solve this.

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My signals are always on and off

This is a signal problem. If you have a local antenna, we advise you to acquire a StarTimes outdoor antenna for better or strong signals or re-adjust the antenna to a position with stronger signal levels.

Press Menu on your remote, scroll to Setting/ System setting, OK; scroll downwards to signal status; For the best picture we recommend 45% and above and 70% for signal quality. This is for the SD Decoder.

-For the HD decoder, find signal status by pressing Menu on the remote, press the left arrow, scroll to setting, select channel status, and press OK.

My Tv is showing No Service

Adjust your antenna for a better signal or Do an automatic Search or Call the hotline (0317117700/ 0200117700/ 0417117700) to confirm if it is a general problem