Kola Reverse: How to Reverse Mobile Money Sent to the Wrong Number

Kola Reverse: How to Reverse Mobile Money Sent to the Wrong Number-ugtechmag.com
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I recently sent money to the wrong mobile number. This frustrated me as I wished I could go back in time. If it has happened to you before as well, I am certain that you know the feeling. With over 24 million mobile Money subscribers in Uganda, an error is destined to happen. Just one single misplaced number can lead to this error. While you stand in awe and confusion, there is hope at the end of the tunnel. You can reverse MTN mobile money sent to the wrong number.

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Previously, the victim subscriber/sender had to contact MTN customer care to help with this reverse process. Thereafter the customer care agent would add the recipient to a conference call to negotiate the reverse process. If the wrong recipient denied compliance, the sender would not get the money back. Also, since the whole situation of contacting customer care is not smooth as expected, the wrong recipient might withdraw the money and deliberately deny receiving money from the sender. Many of us lost hope then, however, with MTN Uganda’s Kola Reverse feature, reversing mobile money sent to the wrong number has become much easier.

This is what you ought to do immediately when you find out that you have sent mobile money to the wrong number;

Step 1: Dial *165*8#.

Step 2: Select option 7, Initiate Reversal.

Step 3: On the Next menu, you will be able to see three recent sending transactions that you made. Go ahead and select the transaction that you want to reverse.

Step 4: Confirm transaction with MTN MoMo PIN.

Step 5: Hold on for a few minutes, the money will be reversed to your MTN MoMo account and you receive a confirmatory text once that happens.

Kola Reverse: How to Reverse Mobile Money Sent to the Wrong Number-ugtechmag.com

Alternatively, you can dial *165*8*7# and follow the prompts.

While we are enjoying this milestone, there are a few instances that can affect the procedure’s thorough success.

To begin with, the reversal will only work if the wrong recipient has not withdrawn the money yet from their MTN MoMo account. Also, if the recipient has an outstanding MoMoAdvance, your hopes of retrieving money will be drained in vain.