How To Reverse MTN Mobile Money Sent To a Wrong Number

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Have you ever sent money to the wrong MTN mobile number? If you are reading this article, most certainly yes. I admit that this situation is baffling and frustrating that you end up blaming MTN Uganda for it! The greatest mistake is to imagine that we never err. So no one is blaming you, just a single digit misplacement can lead to this scenario.  Well, keep calm MTN Uganda has devised means that make it easy to reverse MTN mobile money sent to a wrong number.

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First get in touch with the available MTN Customer care service agent as soon as you notice that you have sent the money to a wrong number. Remember the money can only be recovered if its not withdrawn on the other end.

MTN Support Channels


The Customer Care agent will immediately query the transaction and amount sent to the Wrong number. After an immediate communication, MTN will quickly freeze the money so that it can not be with drawn.


Subsequently, the MTN customer care agent will engage both parties on a conference call to establish the fact and reach an agreement. If an agreement is reached, the process to return the money to your account will start. The money will be retrieved back to your account with in 24 hours. Contact MTN customer care incase of any delays.


However incase of any disagreement between both parties, MTN will abolish the recovery process immediately. At this moment this will be altered as a police case and the sender will need a court order to allow the reversal. Alternatively, if the wrong recipient’s phone is off for 3 consecutive months, MTN will automatically reverse the money to the sender.

MTN Uganda encourages all its customers to avoid such problems by reading the prompts carefully especially the last message that requests you to confirm the number and name of the recipient.