Read This Before Getting Your Smartphone Repaired By a Third Party

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Many of us have become completely dependent on our smart phones these days, and this dependency is only projected to increase in the long run. However, this does not keep the smart phones from being fragile and easily breakable.

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Most of us have had a broken smart phone at least once in our lifetime. When your smart phone breaks, you need to find a good repair service to get your smart phone repaired.

Cell phone companies hold all the cards when it comes to warranties of their mobile phones. Moreover, companies like Apple or deliberately making fixing their smart phones more difficult for third parties. You’re smart phone can even get completely unusable after you get it repaired by a third-party.

However, there are many certified third-party repair shops and companies which you can head to if you have a broken android or iPhone.

In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know before getting your smart phone repaired by a third-party

If you’re thinking where to repair iPhone 11.

You Should Know More About Warranty

The warranty you get when you buy your smart phone does not apply to accidental damage. Accidental damage includes water related damage, broken screen or back glass of your smart phone and many other things which will not be covered by a smart phone company under its warranty.

However, if the damage was caused because of an issue by the manufacturer, they will repair the smart phone for free.

In other cases in which no warranty claim is possible, you will have to find a third-party to repair your smart phone for you. This type of service can cost you a lot of money, so, it is necessary that you find a good repair service provider for the job.

Third Parties And Warranties

Almost every smart phone manufacturer states that getting their smart phone repaired by a third-party void your warranty. Some smart phone companies even request you to head to their website and provide them with more information regarding the type of repair you need. They will then guide you to a certified repair shop near you where you can get your smart phone fixed without voiding the warranty. An example of this is LG.

Getting your device repaired by an inefficient service provider could mean that you might have to face more issues further down the line. So, you better avoid getting your smart phone repaired by an uncertified and unknown company.

Moreover, you can never claim of warranty from a third-party manufacturer. For example, if you still have a few months left of the manufacturer warranty, you won’t be able to get any free repairs from any third-party repair provider. Instead, you will have to pay them in full for the repair.

Which Option is The Cheapest?

As you might already know, getting your smart phone repaired by its manufacturer can be very costly.

As we mentioned above, some manufacturers like Apple deliberately make it hard for third-party service providers to repair their smart phones. For example, in 2016, people who had got their iPhone’s fingerprint scanners repaired by third-party repairers received a strange error on their device which made their iPhone unusable.

Since then, companies like Apple and Samsung are accused of forcing their users to use their own repair services instead of relying on third-party service providers.

When asked, Apple replied with a seemingly valid argument. They said that third-party fingerprint scanners can be prone to hacks and data breaches.

However, when you visit in Apple shop to get your iPhone’s fingerprint scanner repaired, they will ask you to pay upwards of $250 for a scanner. This is the case when you do not have apple care plus subscription.

On the other hand, third-party repair providers can do this for as low as $40. So, it is clear why people around the globe prefer third-party service providers over manufacturers. However, in the case of a fingerprint scanner, it might not work after it is replaced by a third-party since a chip inside the iPhone controls this fingerprint scanner. This way, you won’t be able to use some features on your iPhone, and will have to rely on unlocking your iPhone with a passcode.

Repair Services Might Use Cheap Parts

While some good quality repair service providers can provide you with impeccable repair services within an affordable price, most of them use cheap parts to increase their profit margin. For example, any part used in your iPhone can be bought for a cheap price from websites like eBay and Amazon. This way, a fraudster can easily install substandard parts in your iPhone while providing you with that affordable service. If this is the case, then you should always prefer getting your device repaired from the official repair shop of the manufacturer. Third-party repair shops can do a pretty good job of repairing your smart phone, but they can never touch the quality and skills which your manufacturer uses to repair the phone they have made.

If substandard parts are used in repairing your mobile phone, they might stop working after a few months, and you will have to spend even more money to get your mobile phone repaired once again.

If you must get your smart phone repaired by a third-party, then do some research and find a high-quality repair company which never compromise on the quality of the repairs no matter how much it might charge you. These companies are usually capable of providing top-notch repair services while still staying within your budget.

Choosing a Good Third Party Repair Shop

If you are looking to get your mobile phone repaired, you can choose between manufacturer based repair services and third-party repair services.

Many mobile phone owners prefer getting their mobile phones repaired by third-party repair companies. That is because they trust those companies to deliver the best quality repairs without compromising on quality.

To find a good third-party Repair Service, you should do some research online, and should read reviews on neutral reviewing platforms.