How to Pause your Dstv Subscription

pause DSTV subscription
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A few things can wait for their master’s return to work smoothly if the master has gone on a Safari. One of those things is your DSTV subscription. DSTV allows subscribers to suspend subscriptions on any DSTV package. The suspension can take between 7 days to 14 days. This means you will have extra time to watch your favorite channels when you come back home. Here is how you can pause your DSTV subscription.

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  1. Active DStv account with a running subscription.
  2. Dstv account number or IUC number or smart card number.
  3. Registered phone number.
  4. DSTV profile account details.

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How to Pause your Dstv Subscription

Step 1:

Prepare your account number or smart card number.

Step 2:

Ensure that you are well versed with all your DSTV account profile details, like surname, registered package.

Step 3:

Contact the Dstv customer care 2days(48 hours) prior to the date you want the account suspended.

Step 4:

Request account suspension and explain why you want the account suspended. You will need a valid and convincing suspension reason.

Step 5:

The customer care agent will verify if all the details mentioned correspond to your account profile. If they can ascertain that you are the decoder owner, then they will proceed with your request.

Step 6:

After the request approval, a command will be sent to your account, automatically terminating your viewing temporarily.

Contact DSTV Customer Care

Call +256312245245.

Whatsapp on +25678160091.

Facebook: DSTV Uganda.

Twitter: DSTV Uganda.