Netflix party: A way to watch Netflix remotely with friends

Enjoy Netflix party with friends remotely
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Netflix is that one-stop streaming center for all your movies, favorite shows, documentaries, and everything you would need for optical-nutrition. At a time when we cannot go to the Cinema to watch our favorite movies with our fellow cinephiles, Netflix party has come up with a catch-up meeting point.

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The Netflix party is a free Google chrome extension. It lets you start, pause and stop your Netflix show or movie just to wait on your gang/loved ones so that you can start the party together. This party’s MC is the host who initiates the vibe and holds the virtual remote. This is you, your friend in Malawi, a niece in Western Uganda and I getting together virtually on Netflix to have a blast.


How to download the Netflix Party Google extension and add it to Chrome

  1. The first step is having chrome on your laptop/desktop. If you don’t, then go to Google and type Google Chrome download.
  2. After downloading and installing Chrome, launch it.
  3. Visit in your launched Google Chrome browser
  4. You will be welcomed with bold lowercase letter-words saying “A new way to watch Netflix together”. (Ensure that you are signed in to your Netflix account)
  5. Tap on ‘Get Netflix Party for free
  6. You’ll be redirected to the Google Chrome web store page to download the extension.
  7. Click ‘Add to Chrome’, and confirm the ‘Add extension’ pop up.
  8. You should be able to a grey NP icon in your browser toolbar (top right corner).
  • Netflix Party extension
  • Netflix party: Watch a netflix movie with friends

Here is another Easy and simple way to get Netflix party

  1. Visit
  2. Click on the “Get Netflix Party for FREE!” button as you can see below
    This will link you to the Nextflix party extension, which you can install.
The Netflix party official website
The Netflix Party official Website

How to start a Netflix Party, Let’s get started.

  1. Open a new tab in chrome and sign-into your Netflix account
  2. Browse and select the show or movie you would love to watch.
  3. After clicking on it, you will release that the NP icon turns from Gray to Red
  4. Click on the Netflix Party (NP) icon and select “Start the Party
  5. You are now the host/remote controller. You can choose to either share the rights with others or be the only party DJ.
  6. Copy the URL from the pop-up box and send it to everyone you want to invite to the party.
  7. The chatroom will appear on the right side of the screen and the party is on.
  8. You can now chat as you watch.

The Netflix Party requires everyone interested to join to have a Netflix account. That means all the invited members must be Netflix-ers. If one does not have an account, they can try the 30-day free trial for the new Netflix subscribers. The old members need to have an active plan, which means they should pay some extra dollars to join the parree.

Prerequisites for one to Join a Party on Netflix

  • They should have an active Netflix account
  • One should have the Google Chrome browser
  • They should also have the Nextflix party extension in their chrome browser

Here is a simple and quick tutorial on how to start a Netflix Party and enjoy a movie with friends at the same time


During this quarantine period, you need to stay mentally sane and healthy as you engage with your loved ones. That’s why this Netflix service is one to maximize during this social distancing time. Let us know if this blog helped you, and maybe the movies you are watching too.