LycaMobile, Uganda’s newest 4G telecom company promises 600 jobs

LycaMobile Ug coming soon
LykaMobile Ug
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As part of our future plans for Africa, LycaMobile had to come to Uganda and it is good that the country offered us a working licence. This is our first step into the heart of Africa. We hope to create over 600 jobs both directly and indirectly but also expand the telecom market. We shall employ the local workforce in a bid to create employment as one of the ways to create impact on Ugandan citizens.

LycaMobile Country Director notes

Lycamobile is a new term we shall have to learn if we want a few goodies like some good data bundles and airtime. In case you are still baffled about who they are, this is all we managed to get about Uganda’s newest telecom company.

Lycamobile is a UK based mobile virtual network franchise that has established its roots in over 7 counties across Europe.  Founded in 2002 by a Sri Lanka-British citizen, Allirajah Subaskaran, the company has a net worth of 2 billion euros. This net worth assures Ugandans that the company is going to be a low-cost buddy when it comes to data bundles and prepaid SIM deals. We are yet to know if the above is coming to us in a whole package, but as everything stands, We are on “Coming Soon”.

The 4G question: Does LycaMobile have a better plan?

Previous companies that have tried to establish themselves and failed like Vodafone and Smart telecom should have a few notes to share here. Lycamobile comes at a time when the 4G network is still a debate.

Yes, we hope you haven’t forgotten UCC summoning Airtel to explain it’s 4G issues. The good news is Lycamobile has some 4G data plans, meaning we can talk some good network connection here. The idea of free sim-cards is still to wait. Their website says ‘Stay connected with High-Speed Internet”, an assurance that we will have to talk about on our Timelines (Twitter influencers never disappoint on this one).

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The Telecom wars 2020

There is still a room of telecommunication networks in Uganda though the market is highly competitive. Some big dogs like MTN, Airtel, the reformed Africell from Orange, and silent Uganda Telecom Ltd have fought their battles and don’t seem to let their customers down.

The question of; should we expect Lycamobile to be more data centred which is our everyday cry were left unanswered during the launch.

Our own first deputy prime minister, Gen. Moses Ali and ICT minister, Judith Nabakooba who officially received the Lycamobile SimCard urged the new company to lower its data charges.

“The entry is a welcome development. Competition is good and it encourages innovation. Your investment is a sign and vote of confidence in our policies. Focus on broadband policy connectivity to enable affordability, digital inclusion and innovation,”

Nabakooba said.

Vinay Alapati, the Lycamobile director Uganda announced that Uganda will primarily enjoy the benefits of being the base of the telecommunications company in East Africa.

Our Opinion

With all stakes at hand, we stand with the new telecom company as it brings fresh competition in the market. Fresh data charges that will see us enjoy some overnight downloads and of course jobs for the unemployed citizenry. Though, fate is what we can’t evaluate. In case all does not go well, we are likely to see another data-focused company instead. it’s a steep hill (based on former closed telecom companies in Uganda), and we aren’t guaranteeing the success yet.

Other than that, a little more competition is good for Uganda’s hungry internet users, we hope to see what offers are in store for the local man.