How to get a Learner’s Driving Permit in Uganda Online

Learner's Driving Permit in Uganda
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Learner’s/Provisional Licence is a license given to a person who is learning to drive but has not yet satisfied the prerequisite to obtain a driver’s license. The license expires in 3 months from the date of purchase and it costs UGX 60,000. Here is how to get a learner’s driving permit online in Uganda.

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  1. Valid national ID (original copy)
  2. Valid passport for foreigners (original copy)
  3. Refugee card for refugees (original copy)
  4. Proof of payment (payment registration number)
  5. Duly filled medical form
  6. Proof of enrollment from a licensed driving school

Note: UDLS does not accept cash at its branches.

Price for Learner’s Driving Permit


Price (UGX)

3 months


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Steps to Get a Learner’s Driving Permit in Uganda Online

The steps below are dived into three sections.

STEP 1: Fill in the Application form

Open your browser and visit

Click on “Application form for a learner driving license”.

Download the application form and fill in all the required information.

STEP 2: Payment

  • Visit URA portal –
  • Click on eServices.
  • On the eServices page, under Payments, click on Payment Registration.
  • On the Payment registration page, select NTR under the Tax Head section and fill in tax payer’s details.
  • Select your preferred NTR head under the Details of NTR section.
  • At the bottom, select your preferred payment option.
  • When you are done with filling the form, click accept and register.
  • Download and print the form. Go ahead and make your payment in the bank or use mobile money or Payway.

STEP 3: Submit Application

  • Go to UDLS office, with a bank receipt, application form, doctor’s letter, proof of enrollment from driving school, and valid national ID.
  • UDLS will capture your Biometric features.
  • UDLS will issue the Learners’ license.
How To Get a Learners Driving Permit in Uganda -