Kwese TV Vs DSTV Vs Star Times

DSTV vs Star Times vs kwese
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The introduction of digital television in Uganda started with DSTV, a giant service provider that was known for the elite class.

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The transition from analog to digital was made and now every Ugandan is required to pay for access to television. When access to only free local channels was revoked, and digitalization took over, the competition to get people to use particular television services became very high.

Other giant broadcast satellite providers include; Kwese T.V, Zuku T.V, Azam T.V, Go T.V, Star times etc. are currently being used by Ugandans based on channels preferences, prices, and packages that suit different classes of people.

In this article, we highlight the difference among the 3 giant broadcast satellite providers (in no particular order) DSTV, Star Times and Kwese T.V, and leave the ball to you to choose the service that best favors your taste.


Starting with Kwese T.V one of the newest on the market (launched in 2017), being at a better advantage must have studied the market and mastered the mistakes of their competitors D.S.T.V and Star times.

Kwese T.V has ONLY one subscription option which is monthly, and this is charged at UGX.66000. This runs for exactly 30 days, and there are no weekly or any lesser days subscriptions running, NOT even for any other African countries using Kwese T.V.

This subscription gives you access to all Kwese T.V channels of genres that range from series & movie channels, factual & lifestyle, sports, kids, music, news & business, faith/religion, and so much more.

Here is the updated list from their website.

DSTV vs Start Times

T.V might be boring for you, and you’re an always “ON-THE-GO” person. Kwese T.V has the Kweseiflix packaged for your mobile handset. You can get fresh entertainment from anywhere at anytime, and this is broken down at different prices, so you can basically choose one that favors you most. Find all the kweseiflix details here.

If you are a new subscriber to Kwese T.V and need a decoder and dish all installed at your place of residence, or if you have a dish and all you need is a Kwese T.V decoder, below are the different prices specified for you.


Decoder ONLY

Decoder| Dish| Installation

UGX:  81000

UGX: 143000

To get easy access to the Kwese T.V hardwares installed for you at your convenience, you can contact trusted Kwese dealers from any district you might be. Kwese has a list of authentic dealers with their contacts on their website. Here, you will be able to select any district and an appropriate list will be sorted for you.

DSTV vs Star Times vs kwese

Note: Kwese T.V doesn’t have access to some local channels, BUT hopefully they will be incorporated on their packages in the near future.

Kwese T.V has an application on both Google Play and Apple Store, so you can choose to download it and browse through their services at the convenience of your phone.


DSTV (Digital Satellite Television) is one of the leading television and home entertainment services in Africa, boasting of over 6 million subscribers only in South Africa, and many other subscribers world over.

Being a legend digital television subscription service in Uganda and Africa as a whole, D.S.T.V is one that has mastered the market and had a quite large customer base even after competition arose from other service providers like Star Times, Azam T.V, Kwese T.V, GO T.V, Zuku T.V and so many more.

D.S.T.V has 7 different bouquets, each with a given number of channels and also specific prices. Below is the list.

DSTV Bouquets   Number of Channels Prices
DStv Premium   181 UGX:280000
DStv Compact Plus 177 UGX:180000
DStv Compact 167 UGX:115000
DStv Family 141 UGX:60000
DStv Access 122 UGX:33000
Great Wall Africa Bouquet 35 UGX:24375
DStv French Touch 7 UGX:26500

NOTE: All these channels include local Ugandan Channels.

You might be interested in getting to know the actual list of channels that you have access to when you subscribe to DSTV. In this article, we managed to curate for you all the different channels that fall under the 7 different DSTV bouquets so you can feel free to scroll through the list for you favorite channels before making the final decision.

If you need to purchase a decoder including Dish installation, D.S.T.V has different types of decoders and each comes with different pricing. These include Explora , Explora 2 and HD Single View decoder.

DSTV vs Star Times

Below are the different prices for each, plus other additional features assigned to them.

Explora + Dish Kit + Installation + Smart LNB Explora + Installation + Smart LNB HD + Dishkit + Installation + 1 month DStv Compact HD Single View Decoder
UGX: 709000 UGX: 469000 UGX: 182500 UGX: 110000

With DSTV, you can find an agent who can help you install you newly bought decoder. These can be found based on your preferred location, and you can choose to contact the one closest to you.

These are called installers and you can find them here. Below is where you can search for an installer in your district area.

DSTV vs Star Times

DSTV has an application on both Google Play and Apple Store, so you can choose to download it and browse through their services at the convenience of your phone.


Star times has got very affordable packages, and it is one of the pocket friendly digital T.V subscription services we have in Uganda.

Star times has got 6 subscription bouquets, 3 under Antenna and 3 under Dish as shown below.

DSTV vs Star Times
DSTV vs Star Times

The prices for each subscription offer are as shown below.

  Classic Basic Nova StarTimes Super StarTimes Smart StarTimes Nova
UGX: 26000 UGX: 20000 UGX: 11000 UGX: 54000 UGX: 26000 UGX: 12000

You can get a list of the various channels star times can offer you here.

Star times T.V has an application on both Google Play and Apple Store, so you can download it and check out all their services and promotions at ease with your smartphone.


We hope that by now, if you hadn’t yet chosen a digital television subscription service, you have come to the right decision. You might also consider changing after discovering the ones with the cheaper prices, the choice is up to you.

There are so many more television services you can choose to subscribe to in Uganda, but we reviewed these 3 giants. For any inquiries and question, we are ready to answer you anytime in the comment section below.