iPhone Screen Issues and their Immediate Fixes

iPhone screen issues
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If you think about early touch technology in phones, some of us can recall small phones that required either a stylus or a significant amount of pressure from our phones to input one command at a time. Some users would grow a single nail in their hands just so that nail can serve as a makeshift stylus for their phones. We thought we were already at greatness back then, however, Steve Jobs completely flipped that idea over when he unveiled the iPhone in 2008. What made the iPhone unique was that its touchscreen required no pressure or force. Commands could be entered through the tip of our fingers, and it was possible to input different commands quickly at the same time.

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This was revolutionary, and the world has never been the same since. We are now used to quickly typing commands on our smartphone’s screen in mere seconds and can compose texts pretty quickly. The touch sensitivity has also improved remarkably with every new iPhone model and Apple has continued to be a pioneer for that. While other companies have also introduced smartphones, Apple stands at a league of its own.

It is important to acknowledge this greatness and advancement, however, we also need to remember that these extremely sensitive touch screens do have a disadvantage. These ultra-sensitive touch screens are extremely delicate, and while we can get a good screen protector that still does not protect the screen from all problems and damage. Fall damage is the cause of most screens getting ruined, and while some damage is still okay, others warrant either an entire screen replacement or just replacing the phone itself. If you want to know more about screen damage and when to get an XS screen repair job done, you can keep on reading below.

  • If you dropped your iPhone or if the surface of your iPhone suffered any form of physical trauma, then you will have to assess the extent of the damage to your screen. In case the crack is small and unassuming, then you do not have to worry much and can continue using the same iPhone.
  • If the cracks are multiple and small, you will need to monitor whether or not it is affecting the screen’s touch sensitivity. In case it is causing a problem, then you might need to take your iPhone to a repair shop and get the screen replaced.
  • Similarly, if your iPhone has a giant crack that is deepening, growing, or posing as a safety risk (cracked glass can end up cutting skin and micro-glass pieces can also be problematic), then you will need to get your iPhone screen replaced again.
  • In situations where you have to get your iPhone’s screen replaced, you should question whether or not a screen replacement job is worth it. If your iPhone has many other issues and the costs of screen replacement do not make sense, then you should skip the replacement and just get a new phone entirely. If your iPhone is still new and has no other problems, then a screen replacement is warranted.
  • If your iPhone’s home button stops responding after the fall, then you will need to get the Home button replaced entirely.
  • Screen sensitivity issues are another problem that you need to consider. Screen sensitivity problems are basically when certain areas of the phone’s touch screen are not responding properly to input commands, and you have to use extra pressure in that area for the smartphone to recognize the command. If the screen sensitivity issue has existed since the start, then you should take your iPhone to an official Apple resource center and have them check it out and see if there is a fault on the manufacturer’s end. In case you are facing screen sensitivity issues and bad touch responsiveness after your iPhone suffered from a fall or some other sort of trauma on the screen, then you will need to take your iPhone to the repair store and have the experts there look at your iPhone and let you know whether or not a screen replacement will solve the issue. Once again if your iPhone is already an older model and has other issues also going on, then paying extra money for a screen replacement will not be worth it and it would be better to scrap that phone and just get a new one instead.

Your iPhone or any smartphone for that matter has a very vulnerable screen and it is your job to make sure that the screen has a good protector on to reduce the likelihood of immediate damage, and of course, it will also benefit you to just be more careful with how you handle your iPhone, after all, some accidents are still avoidable, so might as well take the necessary precautions.