IOS 16 Features That Every iPhone User is Talking About

IOS 16 Features That Every iPhone User is Talking
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As expected, Apple’s new operating system comes with upgrades and definite improvements. The IOS 16 features are purposed to make communication, personalization, and privacy better. It also comes with upgrades in the lock screen, Messages App and Wallet.

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The IOS 16 was launched and made available for download on 12th September 2022 and has grossed numerous downloads. It has wonderful features with some annoying ones too. The beauty is you can choose to disable these and keep the ones you find suitable. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to install the operating system

  • Ensure your iPhone is compatible (iPhone 8 and newer).
  • Back up your data (this will make it possible to downgrade back to older operating systems if you find iOS 16 undesirable)
  • Connect your phone to power, preferably overnight
  • Load enough data (5GB or more) and free up enough space

Once this is done, go to Settings > General > Software Update and choose Download and Install for iOS 16. You then enter your passcode and initiate the process of updating.

Explained below are some of the iOS 16 features.


Edit and ‘unsend’ messages

With the new operating system, typos and risky messages will be a thing of the past. This has been for years, one of the most requested features for the messages app. You will be able to edit sent messages although another party will know because the word ‘edited’ will appear in the status under the message.

Another feature to be excited about is recalling a sent message. Bid those embarrassing conversations goodbye. In addition to this, you will be able to mark messages or threads as unread so you can return to them later.

IOS 16 Features That Every iPhone User is Talking

A new customizable lock screen

A lock screen is what you look at the most. Apple considered this when making the new operating system because it gives you an updated lock screen feature. Press and hold to edit your lock screen and swipe between different styles. With each style comes a new color filter for the chosen background photo so everything is complementing the other.

You are also able to edit the fonts for the time and date, and add and lock screen widgets like calendars and temperature monitors. This means your gadget becomes more customizable with the new system and you can choose what you want your lock screen to look like. You can also set up multiple lock screens and easily swipe between them.

IOS 16 Features That Every iPhone User is Talking

Always-on display

This feature has been in the pipeline for ages and Apple has finally decided to bring it to life. The new AOD feature iPhone will let you view the date, time, notifications, missed calls, and more while the screen is turned off. Users all over the world have repeatedly asked for this feature since it is user-friendly. Well, Apple listened. Nearly all Android phones have this including the Apple Watch so it was a matter of time before Apple incorporated the feature into the handsets.

IOS 16 Features That Every iPhone User is Talking

Live Activities

Apple probably knows that a huge part of its clientele is easily distracted and this is why this feature has been given breath. This is another new feature from Apple. To explain it further, it is a mini-view of the real-time progress of activities like workouts, uber rides, sports events, and much more. This will in turn make it easier for users to follow up on their activities without interruptions from notifications.

So brace yourselves for workouts without interruptions. It is time excuses of getting distracted ended.

IOS 16 Features That Every iPhone User is Talking

Vertical Notifications display

Unlike in the past when notifications cover up a screen wallpaper or photo, IOS 16 brings to you a feature that lets notifications appear like a vertical carousel instead of a long list. This makes the lock screen look much much better and also helps for one-handed use.

IOS 16 Features That Every iPhone User is Talking


This feature will make ID cards from even more states available in your Wallet App. In addition to this, there will be more security and privacy features.

There is so much to look up to when it comes to this new operating system. So fingers crossed, it’s about to go down. Apple has tried to pay attention to personalization and unlike the previous operating systems, iOs 16 focuses on making you feel that your phone is indeed your phone. However, emphasis is put on the Apple gadgets that can support this operating system. These include iPhone 8, X, 11, 12, 13, and the new 14 series.

Other features to look out for including Apple Pay later, Visual lookup for photos, Share play feature in messages and so much more.