How to Reset GOTV Decoder with a remote.

Reset GOTV decoder
GOTV decoder. Credit: Hope Maria Modesta
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To reset your GOTV decoder means that you are restoring the decoder back to factory settings and all data will be lost in the process. For instance, current channels will be lost and the settings will return to default. However much all that sounds negative, it comes with benefits like rebooting the decoder, searching for new channels among others. The process of resetting the GOTV decoder is simple and short. Here is how you can reset GOTV decoder with a remote.

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Reset GOTV Decoder with a remote

Make sure your TV is switched on and connected with the decoder.

Locate the GOTV remote.

Press “MENU” / “HELP” on your remote. (This depends on the remote version that you own)

Scroll up and choose “Advanced Options”.

Select the “Installation” option.

Scroll down and choose the third option which is “RESET

A notification that says “ All current Channels and Settings will be lost” will pop up on your TV screen.

Press the OK button on your remote to proceed with resetting your GOTV.

The decoder will go off for a few seconds then the “boot in progress, please wait” notification will appear on your screen.

A few seconds later, the decoder will get back on again

Press OK on your remote agreeing to First Time Installations.

Save the display language as English by pressing OK.

Select the “User Country” and press OK.

Press Ok for the Antenna power off notification.

Your GOTV will start Automatic Scanning to search for networks. Be patient until the scan is complete. This might take between 3 to 5 minutes depending on signal power levels. As soon as the scanning is complete, the GOTV channel will show on your screen.

Reset GOTV decoder