How to generate a TIN for yourself in Uganda

How to generate a TIN for yourself in Uganda -
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This post talks about how to generate a TIN for yourself in Uganda.

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The expense of running an entire country, especially one that is as large, is massive. Through the taxes we pay, the government is able to perform civil operations. Simply put, it would be impossible for the government to run the country without taxes.

Among the taxes paid by Ugandans is PAYE (Pay As You Earn). Employees usually pay tax through PAYE. Each time your salary is paid, your employer deducts Income Tax (IT) and pays the deducted amount to URA.

You need a TIN number for this to be done.

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a) What is a TIN number?

A TIN (Tax Identification Number) is one that is used by URA as a tracking number. It is required information on all tax returns filed with URA.

b) Do you need a TIN number?

Short answer — Yes! Definitely. Most especially if you are a worker. First of all, it is illegal to be earning without paying taxes. Secondly, a TIN number is needed such that you fulfill your duties as a citizen of Uganda to pay taxes.

c) Uses of a TIN number

A TIN number is used by URA in the administration of tax laws.

d) How to generate a TIN number in Uganda

It is important to note that you require a valid national ID card for the generation of a TIN number.

To generate a TIN number:

a) Firstly, go to the URA website Uganda Revenue Authority ( On eServices, select instant TIN registration.

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b) Secondly, on applicant category, select Individual (for individuals).

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c) Thirdly, you will be presented with the taxpayer identification panel. The first section has Personal Information. Inside identification type, by default National ID is selected. Inside Identification Card No is where you put the NIN number on your National ID card. Then Enter Your Date of Birth (with the day, month, and year format). Inside Title, choose either Mr/Ms/Mrs. Inside the marital status box, you indicate whether you are married/single/divorced. Assuming you have entered the NIN and Date of birth correctly, the surname, first name, and middle name fill themselves automatically.

d) Lastly, you will see the box with income source details after the personal information box. Inside income source details, select the box with Employment. Here, you will be presented with a box asking for the employer’s TIN. Input your employer’s TIN and the name of the business will automatically be filled in the next box. Then, inside Address and Contract details, put your telephone number, email address, district, county, sub-county, parish, and village. Next click on the I’m not a robot box and Submit Application.

Your generated TIN number will be sent to the telephone number you put, and also the email. You will also be presented with a pdf with the TIN on it for downloading or printing.

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