How to clean your laptop hardware & software – [6 ways]

How to clean your laptop hardware and software -
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Laptops are one of the trickiest responsibilities people who own these fancy devices experience; it’s not as apparent as mopping or spraying. The good news is that it’s pretty easy to keep your computer healthy and properly functioning. In this article, we’re breaking down how to clean your laptop into 6 ways.

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How to clean laptop memory

How to clean laptop memory -
Laptop memory

This involves tidying up the software properties of the laptop to maintain proper functioning. To do this:

  1. Restart your computer every once in a while to revive its RAM speed or optimize performance.
  2. Update the software and drivers. This might sound minor, but software updates solve 50% of computer problems. Windows will prompt you to download these updates whenever they’re available automatically.
  3. Try alternative apps. Some software and apps are too heavy for some computers, so if you used a lighter alternative, there might be a more smooth experience.
  4. Disable start-up apps. To do this, punch the windows button and type “Startup apps” then hit Enter. Make sure you disable all apps which have been allowed to start automatically.
  5. Disable background programs. Another trick to increase the memory of your PC is by preventing some apps from running in the background.

How to clean laptop screen

how to clean laptop - screen -
Keep your laptop screen clean

To properly clean your laptop, first shut it down and make sure it’s disconnected from any power sources. Spray alcohol-based sanitizer on a clean cloth and use it to gently wipe the screen of your laptop.

How to clean/uninstall unwanted apps from the laptop

Click the Windows(start) button in the left corner of your windows screen/monitor. After, type “uninstall” and click the result “add or remove programs”. The new screen will list all installed programs with the option to uninstall any of your choices. Avoid uninstalling some apps that help in the running of your PC.

How to wipe all data from a laptop

how to clean laptop - Wipe all data -
Laptop PC recovery

Punch the windows button and type, “Reset” and click Enter button. On the new screen, hit get started and follow the relevant options. You can choose to wipe all files or only windows files and apps.

How to find files taking up space on the laptop

This option always works especially for miscellaneous files. Hit the windows button and type “Storage” and you will be greeted with all the different distinctions of your files. Make sure you delete only what you are sure not to need in the future.

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How to clean laptop internal hardware

This is a technical activity and it’s highly recommended that you take your laptop to a computer specialist to handle it if you doubt your accuracy. Cleaning the internal parts of a PC involves the use of a blower to blow out the dust and keep it clean.

That’s basically about keeping your laptop clean generally. Did we miss out on any tips? Please leave your opinions in the comment section.

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