How to change your Mobile Money Pin. (MTN & Airtel)

How to change your Mobile Money Pin - UgTechMag.Com
How to change your Mobile Money Pin - UgTechMag.Com
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When you finish registering a sim card with a telecom company, you are given a provisional pin, after which you can change. Other than that, you must have good enough reasons to change a pin. Presumably, you think you were hacked, or are bored and thought to yourself ‘hmm, let me change my pins today’.

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The process involved with changing a pin is simple. The difficult part perhaps is in finding a suitable pin. A Cambridge University study attests that individuals are awful at picking passwords or pins mostly because they have to remember them every day. To prove this ask anyone close to you. Their pins are birthdates or the last digits of phone numbers. Typically, close to home. It is an easy toss of the dice for hackers or thieves.

So whatever reason it is you need to change or get a new pin, pick carefully. The procedures show you how to change your Mobile Money pin on either airtel or MTN. 

Let the change begin.

How to change your Airtel Money pin?

Airtel is one of the most used networks in Uganda for its internet speed, relatively cheap bundles, offers, and semi-friendly withdrawal charges on Mobile Money. This makes it convenient for every user. The process for changing the Airtel Mobile Money pin is pretty standard. 

Simply dial *185# and choose option 10 (my account) next option 1 (my pin) then option 1 again (change pin). Follow the steps after this and you have your new pin.

How to change your MTN Mobile Money pin?

MTN — mother of all networks in Uganda. Wherever you go, this network is prominent. It reigns even in areas unreachable by road; ‘the no village ahead’ kind. Restaurants, supermarkets, and drug shops name it, have adopted MTN for the benefits of MOMO pay. 

If you have the MTN app, it is simple. Open it, and tap the menu bar at the top right-hand corner of the page. ‘Change pin’ is the 9th option, tap it and the rest is child’s play.

For those without the app, dial *165# choose option 8 (my account) then option 5 (change pin), and finish the process. Pretty simple, right?