How to hide your online status on WhatsApp

hide blue ticks
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This WhatsApp How-to is going to take you through all the necessary steps needed to hide your online status on WhatsApp even though you’re online .

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It becomes a little bit tricky to refuse responding to some WhatsApp messages because your visibility status is Online and your read receipts are unselected .

However it all comes down to you , WhatsApp provides some options to hide online status from your contacts .

You can hide WhatsApp online status while chatting by following some of the steps included in our step by step guide below .

How to appear offline on WhatsApp while chatting .

You can also hide your blue ticks and last seen status on WhatsApp . However , let’s see how you can hide your online status on WhatsApp .

Hide Online Status WhatsApp Android .

  1. Open your WhatsApp on Android


2. Click the Menu icon ( three dotted lines top right ) and select Settings .

click settings

3. Tap Account & hit Privacy .

Click accountclick privacy

4. Navigate to Status and tap on it .

select status

5. Under Status privacy , select ” Only share with…” . Now here you can do two things respectively.  1. Don’t choose anyone meaning your Online status will appear as offline to everyone or select Only Those you want to share your Online status and the rest will appear as offline .

hide online status

6. Now Go back to Accounts and unselect the Read Receipts to hide the fact that you’ve read peoples messages .

unselect read recipients

7. You can also change who sees your Live location ( Which tracks your movements ) under privacy , your ‘Profile photo’ and your ‘About’ section

hide online status

If you’re using iPhone , you can also hide online status so that can appear offline by following these steps .

Hide online status on WhatsApp iPhone

  1. Open WhatsApp on iPhone
  2. Tap the Settings toggle located bottom left in iOS
  3. Move to Account
  4. Select Privacy
  5. Scroll down and tap Status
  6. Now select “Only share with…” and don’t select any contact if you want to appear as offline on WhatsApp for all contacts or simply select those who will see Online Status
  7. Move back to Accounts , scroll down and unselect Read receipts so that whenever you read contacts’ messages they aren’t blue ticked or marked as read .
  8. You can also do a lot of other things such as change your Live Location , Profile picture settings and your About privacy settings .

If you’ve done any of the above steps , then surely you must have hidden your online status on WhatsApp .

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