How to change whatsapp theme color

change Whatsapp Bubble color
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Whatsapp comes with a default green color which is too dull on my side . However you mighty have seen friends with dark or red whatsapp themes . If you have been asking yourself how to change whatsapp theme color then we have an answer for you .

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In this step by step guide , we look at how to change whatsapp theme color for WhatsApp iphone , android and GB WhatsApp . Follow the steps below:-

How to change whatsapp theme color for android .

Step 1 : Back WhatsApp chats

  1. Back Up your whatsApp green chats . To do this , follow the steps below
  2. Open WhatsApp
  3. Go to Menu > then Settings
  4. Click on Chats > tap Chats Backup
  5. Under Chats Backup , press Back Up button and your chats will be automatically backed up .

Step 2 : Download & Install GB WhatsApp

  1. Download GB WhatsApp
  2. Open GB WhatsApp on your phone
  3. Click Agree & Continue button
  4. Press copy WhatsApp data
  5. Enter your WhatsApp number with country code
  6. Choose option to verify whatsapp number between SMS & Call Me
  7. You’ll receive a 5 digit code from whatsapp
  8. Enter the 5 digit code in confirmation box and whatsapp will automatically verify your number .
  9. Next Click Restore to restore whatsapp chats and files from your phones internal storage .

Step 3 : Change WhatsApp theme color

  1. Go to Menu ( three vertical lines at the top right corner ) > GB Settings
  2. Select Appearance and you can now change easily change the modes , colors and themes .

Change WhatsApp theme iPhone

You can also change WhatsApp theme background color for iPhone by simply uploading a wallpaper or image of your choice. To this , follow the procedures below :-

  1. Open WhatsApp and click Menu
  2. Go to Settings > Chat settings > Click on Wallpaper
  3. You can either select an image from gallery or select background theme color of your choice from WhatsApp Wallpaper library .
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Change WhatsApp theme color Android

If you’e using normal whatsApp Green , you can also change whatsapp theme background color by following the steps below :-

  1. Open WhatsApp
  2. Go to Menu & select Settings
  3. Under Settings , select Chat Settings options
  4. Choose Chat Wallpaper . You can now select a new whatsapp backgroud theme by selecting a theme from default WhatsApp Wallpaper Library or from your Camera Roll.
  5. Go back to the default settings for WhatsApp. To reset the wallpaper back to the default one, click on the “reset wallpaper” under “chat wallpaper “.