Goodbye to MTN Gaga Wednesday Bundles

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It is with a sad notice that MTN Uganda announces the death of MTN Gaga Wednesday bundles on this shiny 29th Wednesday of May 2019.

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This lucrative and fairly friendly data bundle offer which was born in November 2017, today says goodbye after suffering a lot of ups and downs.

Here is our review on the birth, life, and death of the MTN Gaga Wednesday bundles.


The Birth of MTN Gaga Wednesday Bundles

It was around the start of 8th November 2017 when MTN Uganda gave birth to this very lucrative and massive bundle.

At the start, the Gaga Wednesday served us 1GB of data every Wednesday valid for 24 hours for just UGX 3,000. This was during a time when data bundles were obscenely high, with internet service providers like Africell and Airtel quite expensive.

Through its life time, Gaga Wednesday was a progressive partner. On some very good days, it served us with 5GB for UGX 5000. For other days, it was 4GB for UGX 4000.

Did I forget to mention the very sweet days where it gave us 4GB for UGX 2500? My oh my, Gaga Wednesdays was a sweetheart.

I, however, doubted some of those days if the abundant bundles came from true honesty. You ask why? This was only because Gaga Wednesdays saw that there was another very lucrative and friendly sweetheart next door, Africell’s #DontBeCheated, which offered almost the same abundant bundles as Gaga did.

Gaga Wednesday at the start was easily accessible. With just a USSD code away, you could purchase a Gaga Wednesday bundle for yourself and any other MTN user.

The life of MTN Gaga Wednesday Bundles

As the Gaga Wednesday bundle made progress, it saw a lot of hate and competition from other existing bundles.

First, there was Africell’s #DontBeCheated and then later Airtel’s #FreakyFriday.

All these bundles served us (ISP harlots) with equally great experiences as MTN Gaga Wednesday did.

The MTN Gaga Wednesday also shifted suit from USSD to MyMTN app. This move made a lot us who desperately needed to use Gaga Wednesdays download the application.

It was also during this time that there existed an MTN Gaga Wednesday trick, which made us stick to the Gaga bundle more than other ISPs. The removal of this trick, however, led to the rigidity of the Gaga Wednesday bundles (2GB for UGX3000 every week)

The Death of MTN Gaga Wednesday Bundles

During the month of January 2019, the Gaga Wednesday bundle changed direction and followed a different path.

From just being a Wednesday bundle, it was changed to being a valid bundle for 3 days. (That is; Wednesday, Thursday and Friday)

In our opinion, this was probably due to Airtel’s #FreakyFriday bundle which took us (the ISP harlots) by storm over the weekend at only UGX 5000.

In between this journey, MTN Gaga Wednesday has indeed done it’s best to serve us well. We shall surely miss you.


In order to compensate for this great loss, MTN Uganda has promised us that there shall be a replacement. “Something bigger is coming”, MTN has said.

A hot new fresh bigger deal is coming our way. So, while you mourn the death of MTN Gaga Wednesday, take heart, for better days are coming.