What Is A Free To Air Decoders (Uganda) And How To Get Started

Free To Air Decoders Uganda
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After the implementation from analog-to-digital policy by the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC), it is now a must that every Uganda subscribe to a digital TV service provider. The only way you and I can get access to FREE television is if we buy a FREE TO AIR DECODER.

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Free to air satellite decoders in Uganda are a famous option for those looking to skip that monthly bill of paid digital Television.

What is a FREE TO AIR decoder?

A free to air decoder is a device capable of converting television and radio signals from analog to digital, BUT at a FREE cost. Every decoder is fashioned to convert from analog to digital signals but most of these are paid for from different Television service providers.

Why you need a FREE TO AIR decoder?

While everyone wondering what the best option is, either Kwese TV Vs DSTV Vs Star Times, and they have to go through the hustle of paying a monthly subscription fee which may turn out to be heavy in the long run, you with your FREE TO AIR decoder are enjoying television for FREE.

Yes the channels are fewer (they are ONLY local channels), BUT if incase your finances are not stable enough, FREE TO AIR can be your friend through the tough times. You may be asking, what is the free to air decoder price in Uganda, here goes your answer.

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Price of the FREE TO AIR decoder in Uganda

The free to air decoder price in Uganda ranges from UGX 50,000 to UGX 100,000.

You can get the free to air decoder from suppliers around town (you must get assistance from a technical person, so that you are sold an authentic decoder)

You can also buy the FREE TO AIR decoders on Jumia, and they deliver it right at your doorstep.

Setting up a Free to air decoder is not a hurdle to get scared of, and the free to air decoder settings that help it run the local channels are embedded within the device, make use of your device manual to know the procedures of setting up automatic searches in case your local channel is missing.

Keep in mind that not all local channels shall be available on your decoder and this may be due to your location, signal fluctuations or they are completely off the free to air access decoders, be sure to ask before you purchase your decoder.

Don’t get scared in case of signal attenuations, these are normal for any decoder BUT ofcourse if they insist, you should consult a technician or take back the device from your seller. I know of many people that use FREE TO AIR decoders and are not complaining, all they needed was an antenna and everything is now smoothly running for them on the local channels.